So I’m currently on a plane back home to Australia from Los Angeles. I had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and of course, all good things must come to an end (temporarily).

So how do you get over the funk after seeing your love and you must return to normal life? Here are some tips on surviving the post-“vacay with your lover” blues.

1.         Don’t bottle up your emotions

Whilst drinking my wine on the plane and the couple next to me were fast asleep and snoring, I looked at the photos and videos from my holiday with my love and cried my little eyes out. I was crying tears of sadness, joy (because I found someone I want to spend my life with) and tears of longing for my man. But as they say, “A good cry will make you feel better.” And it really does!

But whether your way of venting is talking with loved ones, or going for a run, punching a punching bag, do it. Because keeping it within may build up more frustration or sadness, which is what you don’t need right now.

2.         Remain positive

I’m not going to lie; I overthink things. And in true Roxanne fashion, I predicted the future of my relationship with my love and of course, the future I predicted was negative. If you feel that you are going down that path, slap yourself in the face and snap out of it!

You and your love just spent time together and for whatever reason it may be, you can’t physically be together right now. So just remain positive and optimistic. Most times, long-distance relationships are not permanent. The distance won’t be a factor in due time. Just keep that thought in the back of your mind and don’t lose sight of the end game.


  1. Have relationship goals to keep you motivated

Do you and your love want to plan your next vacation together? Is your goal to make serious plans to make the distance no longer an issue? Is it organizing for your love to come and visit and be your date for a special event?

Whatever it is, have relationship goals so you both can have something to look forward to. Not only can you be excited to achieve your goals together, you won’t go insane until you’re next reunited with your love.


  1. You’re not alone

Remember that your long-distance love is in the same boat as you. And that they are feeling similar feelings to what you’re feeling as well.  Be supportive to one another and talk about frustrations and thoughts to each other.  A relationship with good communication skills is not a bad thing. Plus it will reassure you both that you’re in it together!