The world is getting flatter. Now it is even more possible to maintain a healthy happy long distant relationship hundreds of miles apart than we were able to ten years ago.

New technology plays a part and is definitely something that should be celebrated. While it does leave us often glued to our phones it makes the distance bearable for us LDRs. Here are other healthy almost non-tech related habits to adopt to ensure a happy long distance loving.

Time Management in Different Time Zones

Many couples think that they must compensate for the lack of physical presence by being attached to their phone and laptop. Soon enough you will exhaust yourself.

Instead it should be just as the saying goes, ‘less is more’. Mimic close distant relationships in the best way possible. Think about it, close distant couples don’t always talk and when they do it is usually through physical gestures such as a morning kiss, maybe a text in the afternoon and then cuddle up in the sofa for a movie in the evening. It can be unrealistic to think that way but there’s a really great way to achieve this.

That is by setting times in the day when can both be mutually available. Then, instead of constantly converting time zones, get accustomed to their 3pm (British Time) as your 10am (Pacific Time). Soon enough you’ll find that you’ve trained your mind to believe that they finish college or work at 12pm every weekday when in fact it’s really 5pm for them. Think of time in your terms only and the less stressful it will be.

Uncertainty about the future

In actual fact, by committing to a long distance relationship you already have a vision for the future. That future is being together. The very fact that you are putting the effort into making it work through the distant means you both hope for a future together.

Surprisingly, it is just the same with all types of relationships. Many close distant couples don’t even talk about their future so the only certainty they have is that they will be close distant no matter what happens – yes even if they break up. They don’t find themselves in worry about uncertainty. Think about what it is about the future that is bothering you. Is it not knowing when you’ll next visit? Where you’ll both settle to close the distant? Or even when you will close the distance? Rather than setting dates in stone, it might help a little to talk about the future.

Just because the future is unknown that doesn’t mean it is bleak or non-existent. Turn that uncertainly into excitement. Instead. of being worried, choose to be curious about what the future is holding for you. Curiosity empowers excitement like nothing else.

Boring Conversations

Conversations are only boring if they’re created by appointment. How many times have you come home to a Skype call that was planned and run out of things to talk about?

It is not the planned nature of the skype call, but having only a conversation. This goes back to mimicking close distant couples.

Change up your Skype calls with some of these ideas:

1. Dress up. Being in an LDR means that sometimes you can let it go. Seeing each other in a slouchy t-shirt everyday can be boring. Dress as you would if you were going on a date. You’ll be surprised at how much a conversation can change if you both look different.

2. Play a game together! Are you missing out on learning that you’re both actually into Minecraft? Playing a game together whether it be on the internet or a console can be really fun.

3. Show your partner your grocery shop on Skype. Even bake a cake with your tablet propped over the microwave so you can have a chat while you’re mixing the batter. That way there’s no excuses for being too busy for each other too!

Guest post via @Closer Than App