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We’ve started a promising new year. Many people like to set goals at the start of each new year because it’s a new beginning full of hopes and dreams. Being in a long distance relationship, you probably have many goals for the coming new year. After all, setting goals keeps a relationship healthy and strong.

We know that every goal, no matter how small, brings us one step closer to the ones we love when we accomplish them. And we hold onto that hope throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at some real long distance bloggers who have shared their own goals and hopes about their long distance relationship and how they are trying to reach them.

BS_Christie“Hope can drive people do act almost superhuman, strengthening their mentality at encouraging them to keep fighting. Hope is a driving force in many peoples’ lives, especially those in long distance relationships. When your support system crumbles and you’re left to stumble alone against the struggles of your LDR it seems so easy to give up, except that you’re never truly alone. You have two amazing built-in support groups deep inside of you, love and hope. Love is an insanely powerful emotion and anyone whose experienced it doesn’t need a reminder of that….but hope is often an under-appreciated emotion.”

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 BS_KhairaRight now, Don and I are in a limbo. Waiting to close the distance to be together. We are hoping to close it by end-of-the-year. We are hoping that everything goes smoothly. We are hoping that one of our side projects kicks off for potential business opportunities. There is so much ‘hope’ in our relationship that it’s hard to put weight on the whole ‘meaning’ of it.

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BS_WannieBeing financially stable might have a different meaning to each of us so our personal goals might be a little different but I know we are all hoping to live a comfortable life. As I’m writing this, I am currently unemployed because I’m still waiting for my work permit and my green card. I still want to pursue my teaching career but there are more steps to take before I can do that. Basically, my husband and I both plan to take some units from our fields of interest so we can get our dream jobs. If we can’t get there yet, as long as our jobs can provide our needs (and some wants :P), then we’re good. 🙂

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BS_KellyHope. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? It makes us thrive. It makes us move forward. It keeps us from giving up even when everything tells you to let go. Hope is a strong force that pushes us all, especially those of us in long distance relationships. It gives us something to think about and look forward to. 
Those of us in long distance relationships may hope a little more than your average couple. We hope that one day we’ll get to be in the arms of our S/O, we hope that we’ll get to see their face on Skype for a little while longer, and I’m sure we all hope that one day we’ll close the distance. In some cases, it seems so far away, but its what keeps us going at the end of the day.

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When Richard and I first started our LDR in January of this year, my greatest hope for us was just to make it through the first 90 days. You might be asking yourselves: Why the first 90 days? It seems to be a general rule of thumb that it takes about 90 days to make or break a habit. So, I thought if we created a routine and stuck to it for the first 90 days into our LDR, we would build a great foundation to make it through to our first visit this month and beyond.

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Hope gives us the strength to keep holding on, to overcome obstacles and be brave enough to love the person we know we were meant to be with. Sometimes reading about the LDR hopes and goals of others can help us to resolve our own fears and find solutions to problems that we just couldn’t see before. Did any of the posts, tips and experiences of these bloggers help you out? Hopefully they did!

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What are your hopes for the new year? If you’d like to share your LDR hopes for the new year, you can do so by leaving a comment & sharing your own valuable tips with us!