Hi, I’m Violet and my partner’s name is Trenton. I live in Thailand & my Trenton lives in the USA and there are 8526.3 miles between us! This is our story.

We met at a university in Thailand– my boyfriend was a student exchange from America at the time–he walked through my faculty building because he saw an event going on. He look confused and talked with himself like “what the heck is going on?”. Of course he cannot understand Thai, so I ran to him and started to introduced myself to be his special guide tour.

To be honest, I had a huge crush on him since the first time I saw him. He has such a beautiful eye colour and his personality is so adorable. From that, I told myself ” I gotta have him in my life!”

After we were done with my faculty, we exchanged our numbers because I was interested in being a student exchange too (actually it is my plan to get his number lol). Since then we’ve been talking!

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5815/23225016642_c85bedb1ec_o.jpgQ: How has being long distance shaped your relationship?

Our long distance relationship has made me appreciate him more and vice versa. Distance allows us to miss each other even more and also allows us to build trust in one another. Also because we have a huge time zone different, my night will be his morning of the same day, so I can focus on my school and hang out with my friends. We keep in touch by using Facebook and Skype, and every 2 months we will send each other stuff by using post service.

Q: What are the obstacles you face being LDR & how do you overcome them?

Unfortunately we are not from billionaire families. Flying from Bangkok to Denver is never cheap and it’s also a 25-34 hour flight! Me and my boyfriend are just students. He can’t find any part time job in his hometown and although I work, I don’t get a lot of money according to my currency, it’s like $40/month.

But we found a solution. My boyfriend loves Japan and Thailand is pretty near Japan, so we are trying to visit each other in Japan. This way is not so overly pricey.

Q: What are the things you love about being in an LDR?

Our LDR makes us appreciate and miss each other more. I have been in so many DR before, but this guy make me believe that distance means nothing when someone means so much. I believe that if we survive on DR, nothing can break us apart.

Q: What helpful advice would you give to other LDR couples?

Trust your partner and enjoy every single moment while you spend time with your partner. Don’t fear you will lose him, that fear of loss will take control your fun time. Focus on giving love rather than focusing on how successful your relationship is.

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