When Mayté discovered Skout, the last thing she probably thought would happen is that she’d meet the man of her dreams. But that’s just what happened! Skout, which is a large mobile network that helps you to meet new people and friends no matter where you are, was an app that Mayté had used before, but as she explains she’d never spoken with a guy on the app before this.

I saw him and thought “Why not?” So I wrote him “Hi!” and since that moment we couldn’t stop talking.
One week after that, we started planning how we were going to meet. But he had no money and I was underage, so… a year and a half later he came to visit and stayed a month at home (with me.) I had never been SO happy!

Mayté_Sergio_ldr story3

Since then Mayté’s boyfriend Sergio has traveled 6,462 miles all the way from Spain to Argentina to see her in December and also has plans to visit her again in July of this year. Mayté will also have the chance to visit her sweetheart and meet his friends and family while welcoming in 2017. What a way to start off a new year!

Despite all of the exciting visits they’ll spend together over the next year and half, distance still takes its toll on their relationship. She explains; “our relationship was long distance relationship from the beginning, and will take several years until it ceases to be (sadly) because he’s in the second year of English Philology in Spain and this year I’m going to star college of Veterinary Medicine. But a few days ago was our Second Anniversary! We couldn’t be happier.”

We were able to get Mayté’s take on her long distance relationship and the struggles she and Sergio face together:

How has being long distance shaped how you and Sergio approach your relationship?

Honestly, being so far from my boyfriend S-U-C-K-S. The only good thing (for me) is that tests the loyalty and trust (that Sergio and I have) in the relationship. If you are able to survive having your boyfriend 6462 miles (away) and seeing him only every six months, you can handle anything.

Being in LDR is the purest form of love. Is it hard? Yes. But it is amazing. It is incredible that someone is capable of going around the world just to be with you. It’s the biggest thing you can do for someone.

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So obviously you two aren’t 6,462 miles apart because you want to be. What obstacles do you face because of the distance and how do you overcome them?

The principal obstacle is… well… distance! I mean, you see every day normal couples who are always together and it’s impossible not to feel a touch of envy. If the girl is sad, her boyfriend can go home and hug her as often as she wants. If they want to go to the movies, they just go to the movies.

But in a long distance relationship, the only thing you can do to deal with it is to talk by FaceTime or Skype, and that’s it. Are you sad? FaceTime. You want to kiss him? Haha, you can’t, so, FaceTime (again). Are you happy? Just speak through FaceTime!

So, FaceTime is the key, of EVERYTHING.

It’s so easy to focus on all of the negative things about being long distance, so tell us: What are the things you love about being in a long distance relationship?

What I love about being in a LDR is the fact (that you have) full and absolute confidence in your partner. Besides knowing that if they are there with you (but not literally) it’s because they want to be. Nobody maintains a long-distance relationship (out of) obligation… They are there because they love you! That’s the truth.

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6,000 miles is a HUGE distance to be separated. How do you and Sergio manage to stay connected while you’re apart?

(What we use the most) is an app for couples, where you can share pictures, lists of things to do when we are together, mark important dates and even ( count down) the days to see him or her again! There are many that offer different things. The ones I know are: Between, Couplete, LoveByte, Avocado and Couple. Try them and decide which one is for you!

Also we use FaceTime too.

What helpful advice would you give to other LDR couples who may be facing a distance greater or similar to yours?

I think the most important things in all relationships (but more so in a LDR) are: honesty, communication and trust. None is more important than the other. All three must be present. If you have that, your relationship will work!