In long distance relationships there’s no substitute for connecting with your partner in a genuine and satisfying way. It’s those authentic, engaging conversations and interactions that will really leave you daydreaming about your future with someone who may be thousands of miles away.

Sure, texting is an easy, convenient way to communicate with your s/o on the daily and it’s always amazing to see an “I love you” from a boyfriend pop up on your phone. But a text can only go so far toward establishing the kind of meaningful connection that keeps your LDR solid.

Since the whole point of dating is to get to know someone at an authentic level, having meaningful conversations that allow you to get to know your partner on a more personal level is crucial to the success of an LDR.

This “Getting to Know You” Scavenger hunt activity is a casual way to see your partner from a different point of view. Included in this free download are 2 checklists which you and your s/o can fill separately and then swap. The idea is to ask your partner to photograph things that tell you a little more about their minds and their lives.

Some Prompt Ideas:

  • A gift you’d buy for your partner.
  • Something you can cook well.
  • Something that makes you blissfully happy.
  • Your favorite flower.
  • Something you think would make your s/o laugh.
  • A place you’d love to visit together.
  • A website you visit often.
  • You and your best friend/friends.
  • A strange face you make in secret.
  • Something you wear every day.
  • A special keepsake.
  • Your favorite room anywhere.
  • Something you absolutely hate.
  • One strange inexplicable thing you own.
  • Something you own that is connected to a memory.

Don’t forget to swap your list with your partner after you’ve written it for them. The challenge will be for you each to take photo or video of all the items on the list and then share them with your partner. It’s a fun challenge and a great conversation starter if you’re in the middle of that “we’ve talked about everything” stage in your relationship.

You can never truly know someone – there’s always something about themselves that they never shared with you before. There’s Always something new to discover and this is just a fun way to pull some of those things out. Who knows, you may be surprised at how much you discover about your other half!