printable-long-distance-heart-attackHow about sending your spouse a burst of love during these upcoming cold winter months?

If you and your spouse get the winter blues, never fear: we created this heart attack box just for you!

Distance is hard, and there’s not much in the way of what you can do to bring that physical element into your relationship -but this box of hearts is mighty close.

This adorable set works for long distance couples and couples who are together. If there’s someone you’re sweet on, this is the gift to give.

It could even pass as gift for a friend if you leave out some of letter prompts and use your own!

Included in the box are love-message prompts and an assortment of colorful hearts to really make your box BURST with love!

Also inside are cute little message flaps and an adorable little poem to really bring it all home.

Instead of trying to figure out just exactly what should go inside this box, we’ve mapped it all out for you. You’ll LOVE this kit and your partner will too!

(Boxable kit is designed to fit a 4″x 4″x 4″ inch box for the perfect mini gift! You can purchase the exact box we used for this long distance gift idea by clicking here.)

Here’s a few photos of what’s inside to whet your appetite! To download this set, scroll to the bottom of the post and hit ‘like’ to unlock the link!


There’s 4 flaps and an insert for the inside of the box! Really simple to pull together, but super cute. The poem on the box flaps reads: Pick one when you’re happy, Read one when you’re blue, this is a very special box that holds my love for you… so whenever you feel lonely and wish that I was there, here’s a little heart attack to show how much I care. Awwwww!


10 awesome love-note prompts like this are included to go along with the all the other hearts bursting out of the box! And if the prompts aren’t what you need, you can just write on the other hearts included with your own messages to your spouse.


It’s actually a lot of fun adding your own personal stories & thoughts about your relationship on these. I wrote this out for my long distance boyfriend and I was feeling so sad about the distance (today especially,) but honestly just thinking about all the things I love about our relationship while making this gift for him really lifted me out of my funk. Maybe it will do the same for you too!


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