printable-long-distance-photo-frameEveryone knows that the key to surviving a long distance relationship ( and not losing your mind ) is keeping a positive attitude.

To do this, you keep things around us that make you happy and remind you of your partner.

Maybe a stuffed animal they sent you a few week ago smothered in their cologne or perfume, or all the long distance cards they’ve sent you over the past few months.

Today we have an AMAZING free printable to help add another happy something to your collection. A printable state-to-state photo frame that LITERALLY takes just 10 MINUTES to pull together!

This frame is perfect as a gift for a spouse because (A) its totally beautiful! (B) it folds flat to fit inside any care-package and (C) its easy to make a matching pair for both you and your spouse easily!

Inside this amazing kit are all 48 of the contiguous United States, along with instructions on how to assemble this and make it your own.

The BEST part about this State-to-State Picture Frame is that it can be given to a friend, family member or that special someone. The frame can be used for just about any occasion and it’s a super sweet gift that anyone would love!

Keep reading for a few more photos and instructions on how to download the State-to-State Picture Frame at the end of the post.

FREE Printable State-to-State Picture Frame


We love this gift idea because it is SO SIMPLE to pull together, without spending a ton of cash. It’s meaningful and you can even customize it however you like to fit you and your spouse’s relationship. To download this goody, keep scrolling for the download box. Click “like” to unlock the link and it’s all yours! Fits a 6″ x 4″ Photo!


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