There are many love coupon books available online for all kinds of couples. We’re sure you’ve heard of them before! Love coupons are a cute way to give your special someone the gift of actions, words or even forgiveness.

As awesome as the love coupons we’ve seen are, we could never find a set that really worked for long distance couples. When you’re far apart a love coupon with “breakfast in bed” or “an awesome back rub” isn’t always very practical; especially if you spend more time apart than together.

We took matters into our own hands and made a special set of 16 “Long Distance Love Pass” Coupons that would work well for anyone in a long distance relationship. There’s even a blank one in each set that you can write your own ideas onto.


You can download the printable love coupons in green, pink or turquoise for free (for personal use only) using the download buttons below!

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