Traditions are more than just celebrations and parties, many are a look into a person’s beliefs, ethnicity, and ancestry. They give you a look into what they believe in and how, as well as helping them learn more about the intimate parts of their partners.

Traditions happen in every family whether it be the way Christmas dinner is prepared or preparing for Ash Wednesdays, traditions bring a family close and pass on beliefs and religions to the next generation.

Most couples tend to originate from similar backgrounds so traditions are not much of an issue. Some couples can originate from very diverse backgrounds so it can be a little difficult to decide what traditions to pass down and how. As such it is best to look into each others traditions and beliefs, share them, and create a compromise of what traditions to share and maybe even how to mix or create new ones.

Even Long distance couples can benefit from this so long as they are willing to learn more about their partner and take the time to accept and create these new traditions to help further strengthen their bond.


For couples who traditions and beliefs are distinct, taking the time to learn and appreciate certain traditions can allow the couple to learn about each other’s worlds and share them not just within their relationship but maybe even amongst their families.

Allowing one’s self to move out of their comfort zone and change up their traditions can allow a bit more open mindedness and the chance to explore and learn more about their significant other. They can take the time to sit with each other and go over each others traditions to see what they can mix and what they want to share together.

One should not feel disheartened if there are traditions neither partner can change or mix, some traditions are best left as is and it is all about compromising on which both partners feel are important and necessary to pass down. If one feels a tradition is difficult to follow or become accustomed to, there should be no shame in letting the other partner know.

Showing respect and doing one’s best to learn should be enough to show that one cares about the other person’s beliefs. Some traditions and customs can be hard to follow and one should take the time to go over this with their partner to ensure they are not offended and to let them know they are loved no matter what.


LDR couples can have fun with this as well as they both do their best to understand each others beliefs at a distance. As a long distance relationship, partners can enjoy creating their own traditions to bring them a little closer as a couple while the distance lasts.

Taking the time to sit down and delve into each other’s beliefs can help breach some of the emotional distance and make it easier once they meet. This can also help in future planning of what traditions each partner can accept and which are either too silly or sensitive to mix into practice.

Traditions sometimes change, so taking the time to plan ahead for when a couple meets or begins to live together can help close that gap and make it feel even more real.

As always one should not feel bad if there are some traditions that can not be shared over the distance. These traditions can create incentives to one day meet and celebrate them together. Traditions that cannot be shared as a couple due to religious or personal belief should be discussed thoroughly so as to not offend or stress one another.

If couples that come together have children that coming together as a family and working on these traditions together can help the entire family come closer as well as create a fun activity time for smaller children. Older children can benefit by learning more about their heritage and how these traditions can mix or be shared to their families one day.


Such activities can help children learn tolerance and acceptance of other religions, beliefs, traditions, and backgrounds by bringing both parents backgrounds and combining them to create a completely new legacy that still holds to each one’s individual roots.

We all enjoy some family traditions and there are some we could gladly live without. The fun of relationships in terms of that is that one can pick and choose and even create new traditions on the core beliefs of each partner.

They can come together as a couple or as a family and celebrate what matters most to them and bring them closer.

As individuals we all have a personal legacy we would like to pass on to our next generation and traditions are just one of the many ways this is done. Taking the time to learn, share, compromise, and create such traditions not only ties one closer to their family, but their partner, their partner’s family, and each other’s ancestry.

How have you and your partner been able to embrace & create your own traditions?