There are different types of LDR’s. However, the one I am focusing on for this article is the one I am currently in – been together online but have not yet had the opportunity to meet in person.

There are several things you have to consider when thinking about beginning an LDR with someone you’ve only met online.

Make sure they are not scamming you. This is very important. The second someone you’ve fallen for asks for money or any favours from you, especially if you feel uncomfortable with those favours, it’s easy to simply block that person and never talk to them again. I talk more about this and other signs you are being scammed in another article.

Once you’ve determined that this person is who they say they are, their stories add up, you’ve seen each other on skype and they are the same person as in their photos, and you’ve decided that you want to be with this person, there are many things to think about.

In any LDR, you are likely going to spend most of your time apart. Are you prepared to face long, lonely stretches (could be weeks, or months, or possibly years) without seeing them? Do you think that you would be able to stay loyal, or would temptation be too great for you? And, what can you do to pass the time while waiting to see your LDR partner? There are several hobbies and interests I’m sure you have that can kill time, as well as if you have a job or are looking for a job.

 Transportation and cost of transportation. How will you have to travel to meet your partner? Can you drive, or will it have to be a plane or train? You have to decide which method of transportation is best and cheapest or most affordable for you with your current income.

 Frequency of visits. This, of course, will depend on your situations, your income, how much free time your jobs will allow, how expensive your transportation choice is.

You can’t just go into a long distance relationship if you haven’t considered those things. If you haven’t, you may get a shock later on, and then decide to terminate the relationship because you realize you can’t deal with being long distance. It’ll just cause more hurt if you don’t prepare yourself and think about what you are getting into.

Long distance relationships are worth it, when both people really want to be with each other. It takes a certain type of person to be able to commit to it. If you feel that you want to try it out with someone, all the best to you.