We know that being apart from your spouse can be challenging. If this is your situation, we know you’ve tried many ways to bridge that distance between you and your partner -from love letters to flowers and long distance gifts. You may have even tried your hand at creating care packages, but just aren’t sure how to make them or what to put inside.

If you’re unsure about your care package creating skills, no worries! We’ve taken the time to create a printable LDR Care Package just for you! Ever heard the LDR Quote “No matter how far apart, we’re always under the same sky?” That’s the theme of this DIY care package that you can send to your long distance friend, family member or partner!

This kit contains 9 printables that you can use to dress up the inside your care package box & they’re all free! We’ve even gone a step further and gathered some ideas of other things you can place inside this very special LDR care package. Let’s get started!

Download Your LDR Care Package Below & keep scrolling for more printable & filler ideas!


To make any of the quotes inside fit to the inside bottom of your box, just take our printable design to your local copy shop and ask them to print it into a dimension that fits the bottom of your box! Your partner or friend will love it once they hit the bottom of all the goodies you put inside & it will really finish off your care package “box” design!

Here are some more fillers that you can place inside your care package. All the fillers we’ve picked fit the theme of the box and will really pull your gift together!

 Orbit Gum is a great addition to this sky-themed LDR care package! Here are some free labels that you can use along with the orbit gum you include in your care-package box.



Moon pie’s are a sweet treat that can last a very long time -especially in a care package. Here are some labels you can use to dress up individual or whole moon pie packages!


sscp3Give a milky way bar to tell your love how out of this world they are with some of the free printables you can find below!



Starbursts will let your recipient know that you’re bursting with love for them and that they are the only star in your universe! Blue starbursts work awesomely for this care package!


Here are some other edible items you can place inside this LDR care package that will also fit the “same sky” theme!


These dark chocolate donut holes can be included as “black holes” !


Little Debbie star crunch is another treat that lasts a long time.


A sweet can of Sunkist soda can represent the sun…


A mars bar to add another planet to your care package


…while this refreshing Moon Mist soda can represent the moon!


A skybar is another sweet addition to this “same sky” ldr care package!

Additional Printables


Twinkle Little Star Quote


Moon & Back Card


How Loved You are Quote


DIY Moon Pinata


Look at the stars Quote


All my stars card

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We’d love to see the care packages you create using our printables and the ones we’ve linked to above. Snap a shot and share then with us on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook!