Hello, my name is Tonya and my partner’s name is Lester. I live in Russia & my partner lives in USA. there are 6,000 miles of space between us and this is the story of how we came to be long distance.


How We Met

We met on a language exchange website. I came across his profile the day he joined the website and decided to message him. We started to get to know each other, found that we have SO many things in common! Soon we became best friends. Some time after that he told me he loved me and I understood that I love him too. We started dating and skyping and this is how we became LDR!

We met for the first time in November 2013 in Kiev, and spent amazing 3 weeks together, best time of my life. He proposed to me a day after our meeting.


Soon we’ll have our first anniversary and this year I will move to USA to be with him!

Our Biggest obstacles

A few months ago we submitted our petition for fiancee visa, and the main obstacle we’re having is waiting for it to be approved. After that I will be able to go through interview at the embassy and get fiancee visa and fly to my Lester.

I know many LDR couples have difficult situations when their parents don’t approve of them, but our parents are supportive. I can’t wait to be a part of his family!

How Being LDR Has Shaped Our Relationship

We feel so close together, and each day we feel stronger and stronger. We are trying to find compromise and when one of us has a bad day (like, distance hits us or we have some problems with relatives), we are always there for each other and try to support each other and cheer up each other.

What we Love About Being LDR

Both of us never ever thought we’d be in LDR, and now it’s almost a year since we’re together and 4 months since we’re engaged! Being in an LDR means being with him, spending all the time talking to each other. So… this is what I love and this is what I can’t live without.


How we Stay Connected

We are skyping every day. When we are not skyping, we are talking on Facebook. We also use whatsapp and the couple app sometimes.

Our Advice to other LDR Couples

  • Two people in an LDR should be both willing to make the LDR work.
  • An LDR is impossible without trust and communication.
  • If you have slightest misunderstandings – talk about them, never stay silent and wondering what he/she might think and why he/she behaves in that way. Want to ask about it? Do ask.
  • Be open for compromise.
  • Be patient however hard it may be (this is what I am learning, so I know how it feels)
  • When distance hits you, think about your future together. Talk about it, plan your next meeting, look at inspirational pictures etc.



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