Looking for a heartfelt gift to give to that special someone? Having a hard time thinking of items, messages and trinkets to place inside of your open when letters? Look no further!

We’ve teamed up with Rae and her creative “Open When Letter Shop” to design six beautiful sets of open when letter fillers! Each printable kit contains 12+ printable designs, love note prompts and more that will truly add some sparkle to your open when envelopes! (envelopes not included)


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openwhenlettersprintableAnyone can create their own perfect gift for that perfect someone whether it’s a friend, family member or sweetheart! These printables are the prefect items to put inside your open when letters.

Our Open When Letter Kits Contain:

  • TONS of Love Note prompts
  • Beautiful Typographic Quotes
  • Mini photo albums & Notebooks
  • Creative Idea Prompts
  • & Lots More!

Consider your search for ideas of what to put inside your open when letters OVER when you purchase these DIY kits!

Get everything you need to create your own beautiful custom set of open when envelopes for just $12 each!

Or you can purchase the full set along with a FREE copy of our ultimate list of “500 open when letter ideas” for just $50!

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