Free Printable Oversized Long Distance Relationship Postcards!

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“The world before us is a postcard, and
I imagine the story we are writing on it.”
―  Mary E. Pearson, The Miles Between 

Postcards are a beautiful and simple way to send our thoughts, love and memories to someone far away. Traditionally they have been used to create and preserve a snapshot of a favorite moment or event in our lives but as time has passed, postcards are used for any number of reasons: one of which is to stay connected to far away loves.

Postcards are unique in that they contain physical reminders of ourselves that an email or a prepackaged factory manufactured gift just can’t deliver: our handwriting. There’s something so marvelous about being able to look at a postcard and see the scratchy, curly or round handwriting from the person we love most.

It’s not quite nostalgia that we feel when we receive a postcard, but it definitely gives us a feeling of happiness and the idea that the person we love, though far, is still very real and very much a part of our world.

Why not send a postcard to your special someone today?


We’ve created TWO beautifully free postcards that you can send to anyone anywhere in the world. They are over-sized at 8″ x 5″ and work best when printed onto thick cardstock. We suggest 110# Cardstock so the postcard doesn’t bend or warp when you send it! To create each post card, just print on both sides of a single sheet. You can do this by changing your printer settings when you go to print to “double sided printing.”

You can download both Printable Postcards below:


ldrpostcard1  ldrpostcard2

[ddownload id=”9612″] [ddownload id=”9613″]



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