Goodbye has always been the hardest word.
And for long distance relationship couples, it’s harder than diamond.

Imagine seeing your loved one after what seemed like forever. And with a limited time span, you do the best you can to fill in the gaps between the both of you. You go on dates, you’re more affectionate and to other people, both of you will be seen joined by the hip. But when parting time comes again, you can’t help but feel disoriented, broken, and a slow rising pain begins to take refuge in your heart. And not knowing when you’d ever see again is something you dread to think about.

You seem to feel like the world was unfair to take them away. Every long distance couple goes through this, and the longer you’ve been in each other’s arms, the harder it gets. So here are some tips to help ease the pain.

Accept it.

The first few hours are the hardest. At the back of your mind you’re hoping that they would knock on your door, declaring that they did not want to be apart from you anymore. If that happened, well congratulations! But if it doesn’t, you have to accept that. You must learn that your life is not one big fairy-tale, but it’s a series of short stories: The happy endings are when they’re in your arms, and then when you’re separated it’s another page in the story. But as every story goes, there’s always that happy ending.

Go back to your routine.

You must learn to slip from being joined at a hip to walking on your own; stumbling clumsily is accepted. After spending time with your other half, you feel that familiar sense of yearning, of seeing them in the morning when you wake up or having lunch together with them. But that routine is for when they’re with you, so when they’re gone, you readjust yourself. From spending all your time with them, you could have some time for yourself or for your friends and family.

Call them.

The feeling of relief knowing that they’re safe after leaving can be very rewarding. And in no time both of you are talking like you’re just beside each other, within each other’s grasp. Across the never ending seas you are hearing their voice on the other line, reassuring you that they’re okay but they miss you. A small smile should tug at the end of your lips in no time, helping you relax with the thought that something bad might have happened to them.


Moping around and whimpering like a dog won’t help you ease the pain. Instead, go outside and breathe in the fresh air. The day is beautiful, full of the twist and turns of life. Distracting yourself can help immensely in trying to cope, as it helps activate your brain rather than letting it rot by crying in a corner.

Look forward for next time.

And like a fairy-tale ending, the time to see you prince/princess is near. Whether or not you have a set date to meet, knowing that you WILL meet is the only thing you’d need to get through every day. You have to think that with every day from goodbye is a day closer for hugs, kisses and everything else after that. Use that as your inspiration to survive sleeping on a bed alone and having no one to watch movies with. Just remember that one day the bed will be hot and tangled and watching movies alone would be replaced warm hugs and someone to laugh with.

After following these tips you’d be able to go through the separation process. And when you do get to finally be with them, welcome them with open arms and hearts, and say goodbye with a hope for another hello.