How many times have you and your partner said “I miss your face” to each other? Countless times, right? We have the PERFECT solution for you: send them some cookies with your face all over them. Because who doesn’t love a classic sugar cookie, right? With these delicious bites, you will miss your mate’s face no more! So simple, but so clever!

This AMAZING service will work with you one-on-one to create sugar cookies of your face, and image or even a special message you want to send to your heart-throb. We can see sending cookies of your face, their face, some LDR quotes and lovely messages from you to them. The cookies they create are SCARY accurate and taste just as amazing as they look.


These cookies work well for lots of other events too! Weddings, Anniversaries, graduations, etc. They will bring a sweet dose of excitement to any occasion!



This will be a gift like nothing they’ve ever seen or received before. The only trouble we can think of is is them not wanting to take a bite out of your precious face.