All human relationships are dependent on communication. When we work, in order for us to do our jobs correctly we must communicate well with our boss and fellow employees. Friendships are also heavily dependent on communication. You cannot make a friend if you don’t first talk to them and you cannot maintain that friendship if you do not frequently communicate with them.

All good relationships thrive on the open exchange of emotions, desires, interests, dreams, goals and beliefs. So why would a romantic relationship be any different?

divorce-619195_640Communication can be difficult even for persons in close distance relationships. The number one reason for marriage counseling between couples in the US is that communication has become negative or ceased entirely. It’s important to note that these couples do not face the same difficulties that couples in LDRs do but still we find that communication is a big part of relationship breakdown.

Long-distance relationships are harder than close distance ones and present special challenges in communicating with faraway loved ones. It stands to reason that if communication is difficult for couples who are able to be in the same room together constantly it’s most likely going to be difficult for couples who are apart or live in different states or countries to communicate well with each other.

Failing to communicate in a long distance relationship can bring about dire consequences. It can make both partners feel distant from one another and can breed distrust in the relationship.

As we know, trust and having the ability to feel close to your partner while far apart is a crucial element to having a successful long distance relationship. So, the fact of the matter is, when communication fails your relationship fails and this is why communication should be top priority in your LDR.

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