Hello, my name is Tiffany and my SO’s name is Dayle. I live in America & my partner lives in England. There are 4340 miles between us.

We met on an art website named DeviantART in 2010. We shared common interests like writing and Sonic. We became best friends and remained that way until 2012 when I learned he had been crushing on me for a long time.

We coupled on July 18, 2012. He has been to America summer and Christmas 2013. And he is about to come back for three months in ONLY FOUR DAYS!! Yay!! I went to England this past summer for three months.

How Long Distance Has Shaped Our Relationship

tiffanyanddayle2Being in an LDR has made us closer to each other than a normal relationship. It gives us time to shape as individuals and helps us establish independence when we are apart. It helps us learn about each other so when we get to see each other, we are a better person. We started off as friends long distance so we are essentially used to it. And being able to look forward to seeing him in the airport is the happiest feeling in the world.

Obstacles We Face

Time zones. Being in England he is 6 hours ahead of me so when I wanna FaceTime it is like 3am over there. It has been a real hassle since when I wanna stay up to talk to him, he might accidentally fall asleep. He gets down on himself though when he falls asleep on me. I insist that he sleep but he insists that he wants to stay up.

We tried a schedule but it didn’t work. So we just go day by day. If he had a long day I tell him to not stay up past 4am. When he stays up he deprives himself of sleep and it worries me. Finances aren’t a real issue since he gets paid through the job centre. He is gonna come here in 4 days with just about $3,000!

What I Love About My LDR

I love that I have something to look forward to. The goodbye always sucks, but I could start looking forward to the next time I see him. I’m also proud to say that being an LDR I have the best patience. I mean yeah it’s hard, especially right now with only FOUR DAYS separating us!! But I’m really proud that I have a lot more patience than standard couples. Yeah I miss the hugs, kisses, and cuddles. But I guess being apart from him let’s me look forward to the time when I can kiss him again.

How We Stay Connected

We use this smartphone app called Couple. If you guys aren’t affiliated, you need to be. Couple lets us send messages, videos, recordings, and pictures. It even sends notifications if your partner’s birthday is next week or if your anniversary is nigh (not that I need either of these features).

I have been using Couple since February and u swear by it. You can also send little cat stickers or Endless Love ones. We also FaceTime occasionally. We can see each other face to face that way. And sometimes he sends goodies by snail mail like Walkers crisps or British flapjacks and brownie bites (mmmmmmm!)

Our Advice To Other LDR Couples

Collaborate about a re/union time. Stick to that goal and what you can to work towards it. It shows true devotion. And have patience. Patience is a support beam in an LDR and without it the relationship may fall apart. And have faith in your partner, and start building up an idea to close the distance. If your separated by states, you’re luckiest. But I am planning to move to the UK some day.