There are a lot of negative facts that are circulating about long distance relationships. Every one at this point knows that they are hard and it takes a lot of work to make one last but, like most things in life, for every negative there’s a positive about these types of relationships!

So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Pros and Cons of long distance relationships. If you really look at it, the negatives aren’t so bad and the positives really make up for the hardships we face! (Especially that last one!) Which ones are relevant to you?

Pro: You can do whatever the heck you want! No make-up, no shaving, no cooking for two people. You can wear the same underwear for two days instead of one or eat the same meal for a week straight and no one will be there to complain about it.

Con: You feel alone all the time, always missing that other piece of your heart that you left back with your other half.

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Pro: When you’re together sparks fly in more ways than one and you truly appreciate the time you get to spend together -which might normally be taken for granted. Bonus: Being far apart means we never get sick of each other! (almost never)

Con: Missing each other is ‘gut-wrenchingly, knot-in-your-stomach, want to cry, bad.’ and some days it’s completely unbearable.


Pro: You talk a lot, you probably communicate very well and you’re able to build a stronger relationship with each other over time because of the distance.

Con: Sometimes you don’t care about the ‘stronger’ relationship aspect of distance, you just want them right there, right now -yesterday!

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Pro: You’ll have tons of awesome stories to tell later in life. Your love story will never be typical and your friends, family and children will think you’re pretty boss for enduring a relationship like this.

Con: It’s not a typical relationship which can make it absolutely awful. Friends and family will sometimes just not understand and can make what you’re enduring a lot worse with all kinds of negative comments. (Until you prove them wrong!)

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Con: You have to travel just for a kiss, a hug or any kind of physical touch at all. It takes time, money and energy.

Pro: You get mini vacations everytime you see each other! Even better if you live in different countries from each other. At some point or another you’ll both get to play tourist while visiting someone really special to you!


Con: You miss special occasions like anniversaries because you’re so far away from each other. You try to make it work, but sometimes its just not the same without them there.

Pro: You have an excuse to be super romantic with each other! Surprises are way more romantic than they’d usually be and sending/recieving gifts to one another is the best thing ever. The “just because I love you” gift exists in almost all LDRs.

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Con: You’re obsessed with your phone, your favorite apps, skype calls and all the other tools you use to stay connected. Your phone should basically be welded to your body at this point.

Pro: You get to use so many awesome kinds of technologies and gadgets that you’d never be able to use if you were in a regular relationship. LDRs are so awesome that we have special things made for us!


Pro: Seeing each other in person after so long is one of the greatest joys you might ever experience. The complete happiness is truly overwhelming, and there’s no ‘con’ to that!