The time has arrived! It’s time for you to see your long distance love, that special person you haven’t seen in literally AGES! While we’re sure you’ll both be happy just to see each other’s faces, why not boost your “welcome home” event with a DIY Homecoming sign!


Not only are these Long Distance Welcome Home Signs stylish, they help your loved one pick you out of the crowd when they unload from whatever mode of transportation they came on. These signs work for moms, dads, grandparents, BFFs and lovers! They range from super sweet and incredibly sappy to sexy & somewhat inappropriate.

This free downloadable kit is the PERFECT solution for a great Welcome Home airport sign. Won’t it be so nice coming home to a great big beautiful welcome?! Download all 22 of the signs below!


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[ddownload id=”8862″ button=”red” text=”Download Welcome Home Signs For LDR Couples”]


To make these signs extra-large, you can head over to your local FEDEX for a 3ft x 4ft engineer print or create a poster through their website using their easy online form!

And just in case we didn’t quite hit the nail on the head for you, here are 30 MORE Long Distance Welcome Home Sign ideas that you can use to create your own special welcome message!

longdistancewelcomehomesignpinterest1. Together Forever, Never Apart, Maybe In Distance, But Never in The Heart!

2. My Husband = My Hero. Welcome Home!

3. Here To Pick Up The Love Of My Life!

4. Half My Heart is Coming Home Today!

5. Hi, My Name is ____ and I Like Warm Hugs

6. Happiness is in the Arms of My Boyfriend/Girlfriend

7. Took you long enough!

8. We FINALLY beat the distance!

9. It’s Been # Days/Months Since You Hugged Me. You owe me!

10. Missed You, Missed You, Now I’m Gonna Kiss You

11. The Misses Needs Kisses & they’re long overdue!

12. Our Missing Puzzle Piece Is Finally Home!

13. I’m not letting you go this time

14. I’m Glad To Have You Back, Now Let’s Jump in the Sack!

15. Get over Here & Pucker Up!

16. The Longer The Wait, The Sweeter The Kiss

17. Welcome Home, I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands on You!

18. Distance makes the heart grow fonder… in bed!

20. Finally Got my Prince Charming Back!

21. Outta My Way, I meet my daddy today!

22. Welcome home, Baby Daddy

23. You were so worth the wait

24. I’m all for waiting but let’s not do this again

25. Get your hugs and kisses here!

26. Keep Calm, here I am just like I promised

27. Today I hold you In my arms

28. Come Kiss Your Future Mrs.!

29. Welcome Home, next Mission: ME!

30. (Name) Claim your prize here!

31. Always under the same stars, finally in the same room!

How Do You Plan to use these signs? For an impromptu airport photo-shoot? To welcome your long distance love home?

We’d love to see how you put these signs to good use! Share them with us on Facebook and we’ll share them with our ldr community!