In a world where just about everyone is plugged into the internet, it’s not unheard of for romances to blossom between the lines of skype calls and chat logs. The act of falling in love with someone you’ve met over the internet is something everyone has heard of at least once.

But can you really trust someone who you’ve only met & known from behind the screens of your computers? After all, you only know what they choose to tell you and nothing more than that.

The Heart Machine is a dramatic film that explores just that -the validity of online relationships in a world where dishonesty can be prevalent.

This modern-age mystery tells the story of Cody (John Gallagher Jr.) and Virginia (Kate Lyn Sheil), an unlikely pair who fall in love online, despite never having met and enduring a vast amount of distance between them.

Through an interrelated series of events, Cody begins to suspect that his long distance love Virginia might not actually live where she says she does in Berlin and may even live in the same city that he lives in. His suspicions cause him to seek to find the truth.

“The Heart Machine” questions love and intimacy in the digital age, and whether you can really trust someone who you’ve only met and connected with over the internet.

If you’d like to make “The Heart Machine” a part of your next date night, you’ll be happy to know that the film is now available for pre-order on iTunes but you’ll have to wait to watch it until it’s release date on Friday, October 24th.

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