You groan as your alarm clock starts ringing, but to your delight, you go over to your phone and see that the Skype call last night hasn’t disconnected. You can still hear your significant other fast asleep and breathing peacefully.

The happiness you have right then and there is pretty much equivalent to you waking up to them physically beside you. Close distance couples will never understand the feeling of successfully having a Skype call last for hours on end without disconnecting.

You have to get ready to leave either for school, for work, errands, etc. so, you try to wake them up by softly calling their name. Your significant other slowly wakes up and you hear them groan as well, but you can feel them smile through the phone too as they realize that the Skype call hasn’t disconnected.

After you exchange your good mornings and I love you’s, you hang up the phone. It’s hard hanging up, but you’re still always overjoyed and thankful that you got to talk to them before you had to leave. You yawn and scramble to get some coffee since you stayed up too late again to talk to them. Of course, you never have any regrets about it.

As you go about your day, there isn’t really a moment where they leave your mind. Even the littlest things remind you of them. There could be a special discount on pizza that day and it will automatically remind you of your significant other since they love pizza. You then start daydreaming that if they were there with you, you’d both be totally taking advantage of that pizza sale and pigging out together. You’ll quietly giggle to yourself, but then the sadness and loneliness hits you.

And it hits you pretty hard.

Suddenly, you feel your phone vibrate. You hope with all your might that it’s a text from them and thankfully- yes, it is. You can’t help but laugh as you open the text to see that your significant other has just sent you a picture of them doing the silliest expression.

The people around you stare at you since you accidentally laughed a bit too loudly, so you awkwardly cough and try your hardest not to continue smiling like a total idiot at your phone. You look around to see if the coast is clear and secretly snap a picture of you doing an even sillier expression to send back to them.

The funny thing about long distance relationships is that no matter how many miles are between you both, it’s small moments like these that make you feel as though the miles between you don’t exist. It’s as if your significant other is really physically there whenever you need them.

You go home and try to wait patiently for them to be free so you both can hang out. Some days it’s really hard to distract yourself, so you don’t lay there bumming out about the distance. You try to catch up on some Netflix shows, play some games, or maybe go through your social media feeds to look at funny videos and memes.

Other times you’ll look back at old photos of your last visit or re-read some of your text conversations since you miss them so much. You may or may not start tearing up, but hey, you know it’s all a normal part of being in a long distance relationship and you pull yourself together.

When they’re finally free, you get so excited that you almost drop your phone when they call or text you. This is probably one of the best times of the day. You both get to relax, and talk about each other’s day while jokingly getting mad at your significant other for making you laugh too loud in public with their silly selfie earlier. You may even get to watch some movies over Skype or play some games over the internet. All in all the night is yours.

Time flies and the next thing you know it’s already 2 in the morning and both of you are so sleepy that you can no longer keep your eyes open. You can hear them sleepily mumble one last “I love you” before they fall asleep. I guess you kind of get this feeling of sadness, because all you want is for your significant other to be right next to you.

However, you know that this person is the one you want to be with and you wouldn’t trade them for anyone else in the world no matter what. Even if you can’t be together in person right now, you both still make the best of every single day until you finally can be.