Trust me, we at ‘Crossing the World’ completely understand. In fact, between us, we’ve racked up so much Skype time I’m surprised they’ve not approached us! There’s nothing better than doing nothing but staring into your love’s eyes for hours. Before you know it, the Broncos have won the Superbowl, another world record’s been set and you’re standing there with baffling eyes tryna make sense of it all.

We. Get. It. In fact, you’ve been on skype with your guy/girl for so long, you’re one hour away from qualifying to be a vampire COMPLETE with your own little set of fangs. You don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve seen sunlight and your family is munching on their desserts without you. (You swear you can smell brownies and ice-cream. Must have been your heightened vampire senses kicking in.)

We understand the need to be with your partner all too well. You feel like the only way to show them you’re committed is to be in constant contact with them, but after a while, you’re going to need to see other people. Trust us when we say this! Some friends aren’t as forgiving and will probably hang it over your head the next time you try and bail on them. “But the connection is SOOOO good tonight!!” just won’t make sense to them, believe us on this one.

We really hate to break this to you but, this article isn’t titled ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’ it’s “How to balance your LDR and a healthy social life.” You’ll find that maintaining a healthy social life is crucial to helping your LDR grow.

Oh come on, you know nothing is better than having a natter with your girlies complaining and the dozens of times he’s been explaining a football game to you after you’ve told him you’re not interested for the 12482th time. And guys, you can all huddle together during football practice swapping tips on how to compliment your girl on her new hair style! I know this sounds so ironic and eyebrow raising, but some distance away from your partner might just be beneficial.

We know what you’re all thinking: “girlfriend, there’s an ocean, XXXXmiles, a computer screen, nagging parents, unforgiving friends and a massive brick wall of sexual frustration between us. NASA will come knocking demanding we name this mahoosive amount of space. WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE SPACE BETWEEN US!!”

But, hear us out: Say you go out to the movies for the first time since the last time one of your girlfriends broke up with her crush (does she even remember his last name this time?) or you just NEED to see that kill streak in slow motion with your boys around you. Imagine how much you’ve now got to talk about with your partner!

Think about all the spoilers, the plot, the “oh hey this is a boring part, lets gossip till someone tells us to hush” part and not to mention that dreamy DREAMY hot male lead (next week’s MCM?) who can’t be named unless it’s by your partner’s own admission or how that gun was the best thing since sliced bread and how it makes you feel like an absolute PRO. Think about how just getting away for a little bit will give you so much more to talk about together!

On a serious note, be open with your partner. They’re not going to be very happy if they can see how much you wanted to go to that slumber party for Jenny’s breakup (gosh you never liked him anyways) or how they need to see this game surrounded by guys because this game is actually pretty important for the team’s future in the league and girls just don’t get it.

Be honest, if you want to go out, tell them. If you’re the compensating kind, then tell them you’ll make it up to them with an extra long skype session later and you’ll even do a chicken dance for them. (Yes, that has to be included guys!)

Being in an LDR can be a bit time consuming and sometimes your partner will take priority over the daily gossip gatherings, but it’s all about balance. You can’t neglect everyone in your life for them because that isn’t healthy! I mean think of this as a very long test for your friends, those who stick by you during your LDR will win a worthy place as being your bridesmaids and groomsmen! (just don’t tell them that!)

At the end of it all, it’s all about compromising. You gotta go out and have that free time with your friends and family, and then you can come back all nice and refreshed and ready to hear about what those football terms mean and just how big that sale really was! If you come on through to our forum I’m sure you’ll find that you’re not the only one in those sticky types of situations. Good Luck!