Have you ever wondered how to put a smile on your SO’s face every day, even when you can’t speak or see each other? Well I am going to show you a way.

Bruno, my boyfriend, decided to dive into a creative LDR project after seeing the work of Curtis Wiklund. Inspired by his wife’s Photo 365 project, Curtis decided to take on a simlar project and sketch a drawing per day to show his daily life with his wife for 365 days in a row. Yes! A full year!

Inspired by the project, my boyfriend Bruno said he would like me to wake up every morning to a new drawing to make me smile. He started to draw one little drawing every night when I would go to sleep, and post it on my Facebook wall, so I could see it first thing in the morning when I wake up.

The drawings are inspired by things we both love, situations we were in, places we went together, etc. And sometimes a quote or a phrase would be written on the drawing too. How cute and lovely is that?

Since the beginning of this adventure (it’s been nearly 3 months now), I’ve woken up to a new drawing showing his caring love and attention to me everyday. Every night, he is taking time to think about me, us, our couple adventures to put his love into those drawings!

So, how can you do this? Basically, Bruno uses a note application on his cellphone and draws each sketch with his fingers. But you can use any media you like or feel comfortable with: Paper, tablets, cellphone, etc… (I, on the other hand, draw only on paper). What’s even nicer about this project is that you don’t actually need to draw if that is not your thing!

Here’s a list of things you could possibly do :

  • You can take a photo a day;
  • Find or write a tiny poem/quote/lyrics for your love;
  • Find a picture/drawing a day that make you think of your SO;
  • Or even a song!
  • You can help yourself with all those website/tools : Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

IMG-20160123-WA00002As you can see, there are many, many, ways of putting a smile on the face of your significant other every day of your life in a creative and lovely way. Even the simplest of ideas can really bring a lot of joy to your loved ones day.

Of course it is a challenge since you need to be constant. You don’t need to post something everyday if your schedule doesn’t allow it, but fix your own pace, and try to keep your promise to yourself and to your SO.

One of the things that keeps Bruno going and helps him to not miss a day in his challenge is to post the drawing on our facebook page and on our blog. But the best motivation, like Bruno says, is : “If at least I can make her smile just once every day… That is great for me already!”

Let us know what projects you’ve done for your SO in the comments below!