Love letters are a lost art in our modern day world, but the fact that they are no longer as common makes them a perfectly special way to show your love for someone.

It’s easy to just write a love letter on paper and send it off and for some that is simple enough, but some of us want to go farther to make our love letter stand out from all the rest! If you’re one of those people, this list is for you.

Here a few special and creative ways to to write and send a love letter.

Doodle on the envelope.

There’s nothing cooler than getting a letter in the mail that has cute adorable doodles all over it. It’ll make your recipient smile before they even open the letter! In fact, it’ll probably give every postal worker that sees it a smile as well.

Theme Your Letter

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to write in your letter try theming your letter with a few of these suggestions.

    • Create a list of your day into 24 hours and write a thought for each hour
    • Make a list of 100 things you love about them. Be creative with it!
    • Make an acrostic and write a poem using each letter of their name
    • List your favorite memories with your s/o
    • List the things you’ll do once you’re together

Write on something unusual

Write you love letter on something other than paper for a special touch. Here’s a few suggestions:

    • On a Paper bag
    • On a Book page
    • On Faux Flower Petals
    • All over a stuffed animal

Write your love letter on a shirt

Get a white T-shirt and fabric paint. Write your sentiments on a t-shirt using the fabric paint. Let it dry and send it off. It’s something we guarantee they’ll never forget.

Monthly Love Letters

Write a letter for each month and send them off in a huge love letter package. Or, if you’re the type that can’t wait send them off on a random day each month

Send a letter in fragments

Write out a full love letter on a sheet of paper. Cut it into sections and mail each section to your sweetheart separately. You can send them in or out of order -your choice!

Write it as a rebus.

Ever seen one of those little puzzles where you have to guess a word or phrase based on a cleverly formatted picture? That’s a rebus! You can send a love letter with random rebus puzzles representing certain words.
If you have trouble creating your own Rebus puzzles, you can steal a few from this website

Include a little answer key on the back of the letter if your Rebus puzzles are difficult.

Make an entire love letter calendar

Make a small monthly or yearly flip or tear off calendar for your s/o with a beautiful message to them for each day. This way, every time they flip the calendar over to the next day, they get a special message from you!

Send a letter in the form of a contract

Send a “legal” declaration of your love. Sign and date it, and maybe even include a cute official stamp over it for “validity.” Have your s/o frame and hang it as official documentation of your love.

Those are our ideas. What have you done to send a love letter to the one you love?