Update: The Memoto Camera has been rebranded and is now “Narrative” the world’s most wearable camera. Memoto/Narrative started as a kickstarter campaign in October 2012. Over 2,800 backers pledged $550,189 to help bring the project to life. Narrative is no longer available for purchase.

Being in a long distance relationship, we often feel like we’re missing out on the small details of each others lives. Instead of just being there for the incidental pleasures of living and being together, we’re forced to ask intrusive questions just to feel like we’re there together.

What was the weather like? What strange or interesting people did you interact with today? What do you buy when you go grocery shopping? What’s dinner like at your house? Or at your dorm?

The Narrative Clip, while not a solution to distance, is a very interesting tool that can allow you to access some of those incidental pleasures that you don’t get to experience together, while you are apart. Narrative is a tiny camera and GPS system that you clip on to your shirt or pants and wear. It snaps a picture every 30 seconds and can record video 10 second videos on demand, automatically documenting your life.


Pricing for the Narrative is a bit pricy, starting at $279 for the camera and a year’s worth of photo storage. But it offers a very unique way to add real life experiences do your long distance relationship.