Watching videos together online is an easy, no hassle way that most people in long distance relationships are able to quickly spend time together. While you can’t pop in a movie and sit back together as you would in real life, you can now watch videos together with friends online easily!

Using the services below means that it will take no time at all to grab a show, invite a friend and spend some quality time together no matter where you are. From Netflix to Youtube, just about every video platform you can think of is covered! Shall we begin?

TjupGPoRcCxwdT9V[1] 1. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is an awesome website that allows you to watch videos together with your friends. Just create a room and invite your friends by sending them the invitation link. It’s free, requires no registration and it’s great fun!

n9QPiOirb2yDJUp5[1]2. TogetherTube

Watch YouTube Videos! Pick a nickname, room name, and invite your significant other. Be sure to promote them to a moderator so that they can control the player too. (That is unless of course you like to hog the remote!)

iNJ0syI0Qi7yG04S[1]3. InstaSynch

InstaSynch is a place that allows users to watch synchronized videos with each other and chat in real time, fully synchronized! It’s free to use but you must register to create a room. You can watch a channel, or chat without registering.


4. Pluto TV

Pluto.TV offers over 100 channels of the best shows and videos on your desktop, mobile device or tablet. It’s essentially a big giant online cable station that consists of channels of videos gathered from around the web. All the channels are streamed live so you and anyone else can watch them together in real time.

cuvw1vzsFitldkS2[1]5. CyTube

CyTube is a chat website where the server plays links from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion and synchronizes all the viewers to the same point in the video. You must register for a user account to create a channel.


6. My Circle TV

MyCircle TV is a free online service that lets users watch videos across the internet together in real-time sync. Easily create a room from the homepage or through the search function. Invite anyone you want to join the room through social media or a generated link. Chat through the instant messenger or using voip

YJllwqtsK8fjr32p[1]7. Rabbit

Watch your favorite shows with your friends, without being in the same room (or even the same city!). Collaborate with your coworkers when you’re all on the road. The possibilities are endless and it’s totally 100% free! No software or downloads needed.


8. Togethr TV

Together.TV is a website that lets you watch movies online with just about anyone. Creating a room is as simple as pasting a video link of what you’d like to watch and hitting the watch button. No more counting down to hit play guys!

YlMxV8OAUMVdKw45[1]9. Gaze

Being able to watch something together creates a low-pressure environment which is a great way to ease yourself into a natural conversation and share an experience together. Gaze lets you watch videos with people who are far away.

V29nH0jAf8AWXASf[1]10. Sync-Video

Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you? Well, now you can! Watch anything; YouTube videos, Vimeo videos or any mp4/ogv/webm/flv files.

gXZMZdlotJkJQOyv[1]11. ooVoo

Watch youtube videos with a group of friends (up to 12 people) while video chatting at the same time! Talk about awesome multitasking! Totally free with tons more features!


huzcLvAO7a5fHW9D[1]12. Wavelength

Wavelength is a shared experience that lets you build playlists in a live chat. Listen to music, watch videos, and socialize together! The idea is simple: invite your friends over, make a shared playlist, listen to music and watch videos together!


Play music and videos with friends and others from around the world. Though registration is required; you can login with Facebook, you can also use Twitter or Google. Next pick a room name and invite your partner through Facebook or Twitter. Then create a playlist and add media via YouTube or SoundCloud.

 RUwq1gapwp5IQ5vQ[1]14. Same Surf

SameSurf is a free internet sharing device that lets anyone browse websites, shop, watch videos and do other online things with their friends and family in real-time! It is available online as a free web application or as a downloadable web browser that lets you surf, watch videos and do just about anything with anyone.

ZMpcdrpqTh8Me4ln[1]15. MashMe TV

Mashme is a free video chat tool that you can use in your browser. Talk face to face with up to 10 of your friends, Co browse the internet in real-time, Draw together, work on documents together, watch videos together and more!

 jstGZeGanBd8YFuR[1]16. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform developed by Google. Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. You can watch youtube videos and chat together at the same time! Connect with friends anywhere across computers, Android and Apple devices.

ZQgjiR5V1Ua7mJnD17. Snyaptop

Synaptop is a downloadable application that lets you browse the web, listen to music and watch videos together in real time. Synaptop is a multiplatform program so you can carry around your favorite websites to share with others no matter where you are.

5z43RBIyDaA1wB2Y18. Rounds

Rounds is a video chat application that allows you to play games, watch videos and browse websites together with friends. You can make your own profile, take snapshots and video chat on multiple different platforms.


Be the boss of your music (or videos!) in the cloud. is a website that lets you watch videos or listen to music with anyone at anytime. Host a group of people in a room (which you can customize in lots of different ways!) or go one on one with a special someone.

What websites or other tools do YOU use to watch video with friends or family from afar? We’re always looking to add to this list, so comment below!

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