It’s been a long time coming.  You and your love have been counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until you meet.  You even talk about how you’re going to meet – Is it at the airport?  Will you run to them when you walk out of the arrival door?  Will your hug be dramatic or subtle?  How about the kiss?  Open mouth with tongue or just a peck?

All of the questions swirl around but one thought remains.  “OH MY GOODNESS!  WE’RE GOING TO MEET IN SO AND SO DAYS!!”  And then you head into full-blown panic mode.

Just relax and breathe.  It will all be OK.  Here are four things to remember when meeting your long distance love.

1: There is no need to put so much pressure on meeting your love

You know you and your love talk / Skype / FaceTime all the time, so think of it as the same thing, except you’re not talking via a mobile device or a computer or laptop.  Plus your love has most likely heard and seen you snore when you’ve been chatting with them during those late night calls so you know that if they can still be attracted to you after hearing you snore, then they’re most likely in it for the long haul.

2: Make the most of the moment you spend together

It’s so easy to get caught up with “Even though we’re going to spend the next week together, I think about you leaving and I already miss you.”  You need to be selfish and think about that moment when it’s just you and your love; nothing else matters.  Because everyone who’s in a LDR knows that time is precious and you must savor the time that you have together; you spend so much time without your love.  Don’t worry and just enjoy the moment.

3: Don’t change. Your long distance love loves you for you

It’s so hard to not think that you need to look your best for your love.  Or you have to act a certain way when you meet your love after having so much time apart.  Like point #1, if they’re still around after they hear you snore, then they like you.  They must really like you!

But as a person in a LDR, you understand that you and your love have a deep connection.  That’s why you both have been going strong despite the distance.  They love you for you.  So when you see them in person, they want to spend time with the person they fell in love with.  So don’t change who you are.  Be you.

4: Prepare for some intense romance

No one said that not seeing your love after a long time wouldn’t ignite the romance and passion in your relationship.  Whether it’s all the PDA you two will share or if you can’t keep your hands off each other or if it means that you amp up the cute lovey dovey talk, don’t be surprised that you’ll be feeling the butterflies in the stomach, the fire in your heart and be looking like the heartsy eyes emoji when you finally see your love!