It’s easy to get lost in social media. There’s so many photos and status updates from all of your friends, your family and your favorite influencers to go through. In all of the hearting, liking and sharing -it can be overwhelming and even hard to feel like you’re connected to your s/o. This is especially os if you’re long distance.

Introducing Between, a mobile app for couples in love! Between is unique in that it’s especially built for couples who would like a little more intimacy in their relationship. Between works like a private social network, just between the two of you.

The app allows couples to share photos, text messages, and voice messages with one another. It offers an ultra-private, richer, and meaningful experiential context that nurtures intimacy with your significant other.

Chat, track anniversaries, and plan your schedules together all in one private space. Start using Between now and make your relationship even better!