Create a bit of healthy competition between yourselves and go on what we call a Separated Scavenger Hunt! Just because you’re long distance does not mean that you can’t have fun in creative ways.

You’ve already seen our “Getting to know you” Scavenger Hunt which was designed to help couples get to know each other better. Now we’ve got 5 more scavenger hunt lists that you and your distanced friend can participate in together.

The scavenger Hunts can be done via webcam, texting, while on the phone together, or while you are each video recording your progress through the maze of items. If in the rare case that our scavenger hunts don’t suit your fancy, we’ve also included a printable blank template on which you can create your own scavenger hunt list together.

Don’t limit yourself in the ways that you can connect and have fun together! Sometimes the silliest & simplest things are the most fun -more than you’d ever expect!


This download contains 5 scavenger hunt sheets as well as one blank sheet for creating your own scavenger hunt.

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