Counting down to an important date? Want to send your long distance loved one something sweet and memorable everyday? We’ve created this printable “Kiss A Day” Kit, that lets you take the delicious sweetness of hersheys kisses and mix them together with inspiring long distance quotes.

This kit contains 20 DONE FOR YOU days worth of counting down and 20 long distance quotes to include with your kisses. All you need to assemble them is:

  • 1 box of ziplock bags
  • 1 bag of Hershey’s Kisses
  • Paper, Scissors & A Printer
  • 1 box to ship the kisses in!


The quotes are already written for you, so just cut them out and place them in the bags with the hersheys kisses. We’ve even included individual count down tags that you can staple or tape to each bag so they know which bag to open on each day that they’re counting down.


Included also are some cards that you can use to write your own personal notes. There’s 20 cards with the prompts “I love you because..” and “When we’re together” that you can include in the bags that hold your long distance quote and daily kisses.


To gift to your partner, simply stick all of the countdown kisses in a box and use the included “A kiss a day keeps the distance away” label over the kisses before you close the box. Done!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but counting down to a visit can be really difficult. There’s so much excitement, neither of you can wait and it can drive you crazy!

This Kiss-a-Day countdown activity is the perfect way to help make those last days of counting down a lot easier and a lot SWEETER for your partner.

This printable is downloadable so you can print it out or keep it on your computer and refer to it over and over again!

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