We know, you might think we’re crazy for even thinking that there’s pros to being half the world away from your partner; but trust us on this. So we understand, the cons list is pretty much endless, right? You could sit there for hours writing out the long, long list of things that make being in an LDR suck, whilst reaching for another box of ‘Twinkies’; we get it. However, there are plenty of pros too! Before you deem us crazy, keep reading!

Pros Of A Long Distance Relationship

1. This is really cliché, but it really does test the love

What better way to test whether they’re a life partner that’ll have to deal with you during marriage, than when they’re showing you how much they love you from thousands of miles away?

2. You can learn so much from their culture/country!

This is based on the assumption that majority of LDR’s are mostly from different countries, or even if you’re lucky enough (in a way) to be in the same country, think about how much you can learn from their state/country?

Think about all the different norms, culture, rules, a different and general everyday stuff…not to mention the food! This definitely makes for a different yet unique LDR! We’re still swooning over our partner’s American accents!

Whilst learning a different culture to your own, it can really help to broaden your knowledge and thoughts! Sometimes, different upbringings can prove to have a really unique perspective on things! You’ll have so many cool discussions about yourselves.

3. Being in an LDR really makes you cherish the time you have together

You’ll never take time for granted again! We don’t mean jampacking your day with the most exciting things, though that would be nice, but we mean just really enjoying your time together and making up for the lost time!

This doesn’t have to be that kind of 18+ intimacy, but the kind of intimacy that’s just holding hands whilst watching a lame film, having a cuddle when you didn’t expect one or just knowing that they’re right there with you. You learn to not take these things for granted!

4. Communication improves

It really teaches you the value of good communication! In a way, this may even strengthen your other relationships! You learn very quickly that communication really is the key to beating this. This doesn’t necessarily mean texting/messaging/skyping every 10mins, but the type of communication that strengthens your emotional bond and connection.

Talk to them, like REALLY talk to them, find out their hopes and dreams, and find out the little things about them. It can make for a better relationship, and the best part is that it never really ends!

So we’ve listed some of the pros, and we know that you’d have your own long list of cons, but let us share ours with you!

Cons Of A Long Distance Relationship

1. It takes a lot of work to maintain

by this we don’t mean you’ve gotta actively WORK at your relationship like setting appointments or allotted times for one another, because it should come naturally, but it does take a certain level of maintenance. It’s all about compromising!

2. Time differences

this is a real pain! But gradually, you learn to run off a few hours of sleep, and dressing down day really takes on a new meaning when you rock up to work/school as a Panda!

3. Money

Considering that plane tickets aren’t exactly as easy as buying Starbucks, and it won’t be as hard or even under the same thought process as whether you wanna add guacamole (come on! Who wouldn’t?), but we’re willing to bet it’s along the same lines…somehow.

4. Missing out on important dates

You’re lying to me, yourself and your partner if you said you didn’t care about all the little anniversaries that you’ve got stacked in your head.

You’ll have one for just about anything; first time skyping, first time texting, first time you sent each other letters, first time calling, first meeting….and more ‘private’ other first dates that shouldn’t be revealed to the world, ever, but you get the gist.

There’s probably a 1 in 1726452 chance that you spend all your important dates together, because chances are they’re months apart from each other, no matter how much you want to. You soon learn to celebrate them in your own little way! Sometimes, just spending some uninterrupted time with them is just as precious to them!

5. Sometimes, the distance really can be too much

We’re not trying to scare you off, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Maybe you’re the right couple in the wrong situations, totally cliché but there’s some truth to it.

Maybe your focus isn’t on your relationship at the moment, but on your grades or establishing your career first. Regardless, be honest and be truthful about your feelings, because you owe it to yourself to be happy.

There’s plenty more depending on individual relationships and circumstances, but remember, nothing is impossible. Be true to yourself and work it out, love is stronger than you think. You can work through anything as long as you put the effort in.

Guest Post Thanks to Crossing The World