Imagine if you could take text messaging or skyping with your favorite adults, and convert that to something that a kid could do with you easily. That is the beauty of Toymail and it’s colorful ‘Mailmen’ delivery toys.

The Mailmen are little toys (resembling mail collecting bins) that allow friends and family to send voice messages to kids anytime, from anywhere in the world using only their phone. They’re like global walkie-talkies. You just record a voice message using the free Toymail app, and that message gets sent to your kid’s toy.


Record your message through the app, and the toy snorts and growls to alert the child that a special message is waiting. The message is delivered by a very comical squeaky version of your voice that children will love and your child can then respond back.

If you’re a parent who lives far away from your family, or if you’re on a business trip or even if you just have extended family that are too far away for daily contact, this app is a fun way to interact with children up close or from a distance.


The Toymail app is free for the first year of use and is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.

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