Save your pets from loneliness! Watch, talk and play laser games with your furry friends through the mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, some truly brilliant minds find a way to blow us all away yet again. Our latest mind-blowing moment is brought to you today by Petcube!

In case you haven’t heard yet, Petcube is an insanely awesome gadget that lets pet owners connect with their furry friends from far away. Neat, right? We think so!


Created by Petcube, Inc., the Petcube gadget is a 4-inch durable aluminum cube that will allow its users to watch, talk and play with their pets in many fun and practical ways right from their smartphones.

Some of its core features will include:

  • A built-in wide angle camera that you can see your pet through.

  • HD video streaming!

  • Built in speakers and microphone so the two of you can have a lovely conversation.

  • A low-intensity, controlled laser pointer to drive your furry friend wild with.

  • Customizable skins to accessorize & coordinate your Petcube with your fluffy companion!

  • A free mobile app to control the Petcube’s features.


While Petcube, Inc. is currently focusing on developing the app for iOS, they have stated that the Android version will be completed and ready for Android users before the general release date in May 2014.

The app itself, which will run and control the entire pet-owner interaction process, also has a many noteworthy features, Including:

  • Play with your pet using a laser pointer in real time!

  • Share fun pics and videos with your friends.

  • Access the network of Petcubes and play with various pets from anywhere

  • Share access to your device with friends and family or anybody from the Petcube network

  • Сommunicate with and befriend other pet owners.

  • Earn points and badges for being an active part of the community

  • Follow your favorite Petcubes and search for new ones


We were also ecstatic to find out that even if you don’t have a Petcube yet, you can still access public Petcubes through the app and play with other user’s pets.

For long distance couples & friends, Petcube is a really cool way to get involved in one another’s lives on a level that had been completely un-thought of before now. For some couples their pets are their children and a huge part of their lives. Now, instead of sending your s/o a dog bone for “sparky” or your best friend yet another catnip toy for her “fluffy boy” -you would now be able to actually interact and play with their fluffy companions whenever you wanted! Imagine that!


Through the magic of Kickstarter, Petcube managed to meet it’s first goal of $100k of funding in just 6 days. They are now aiming to raise additional funds by their deadline of Nov 5, 2013 with a few incentive features being added for each funding milestone.

  • Reaching $150k adds a feature that will send sound alerts to your smartphone when Petcube detects loud barking or any other noises.
  • Reaching $200k adds an auto play feature which will allow users to create their own laser movement routine that can run automatically when they leave their pets alone.
  • Reaching $250k adds a motion detection feature that notifies you when your pet is active and willing to play.

While their Kickstarter page does mention the idea that “Long distance relationships rarely work out…” we’ll try not to hold that against them.

If you love the idea of a Petcube as much as we do and if you love the role it could potentially play in your long distance relationship, head on over to their Kickstarter to show your support by backing this project!

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About Petcube, Inc.:

Petcube is on a mission to provide smart gadgets that connect people to pets and keep those pets healthy and entertained. For more information, check out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.