When you think “Love Letter” what comes to mind? Rose petal covered stationery? Ink stained pages of tender thoughts and sweet nothings? A romantic Shakespearean letter full of wit? Something only artistic people do for their significant others? Something that’s too complicated for you?

Well, no matter who you are and how talented of a writer you may or may not be, you can write a love letter that your partner will love. In August we had a guest post by Devin Redmond of LeafCutter Designs about the Anatomy of a Long Distance Love Letter. This post was full of great tips on how to write a lovely letter to your significant other.
Now, we’d like to show you just how easy it is with these 10 Incredibly Simple Long Distance Love Letters:



Sarah’s letter tiny letter is the perfect example of a love letter that is short and sweet. It reminds us that a good letter doesn’t have to be lengthy to be lovely.


Anna’s Letter is cute and silly, but still sweet and romantic. You can feel her sincerity through the tiny page of this adorable letter.



“Short” and sassy is the theme of DJ’s letter playful letter. She uses her sense of humor to keep things fresh in this tiny letter.


Tammy’s dainty little letter starts off with a sweet petname, reminding us not to forget tenderness when we write a long distance love letter.


Diana's love letter

Diana’s letter captures the longing we experience when we think about the day when we close the distance with our partner.


Marissa’s love letter is sweet and deeply meaningful, reminding us that a love letter is an intimate way to tell our significant other how we feel about them.


Dee’s sweet letter is dripping with love and appreciation so strong that you can almost see it dripping off the page like honey. She reminds to tell our partner how much we appreciate them when we write them a love letter.


Kaitlyn reminds us not to hold back when expressing how much we need our partner in her love letter.


Kristine’s powerful letter tells her long distance love how much she loves them in this beautiful letter.


Juli reflects on how her relationship with her significant other has affected her and helped her to grow as a person in her letter.

Join us in the challenge! Submit your long distance letter using the hashtag #LDRLOVELETTER