“Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much you miss people until you see them again.” -Colleen Hoover

Distance cannot stop you from loving someone, but it can make you miss them. Love pushes us to overcome the distance and stay connected in spite of it or any other obstacles that come our way. Love motivates us to patiently work hard as we make plans to close the distance. Yes, love and longing are very powerful feelings. Feelings that long distance couples know all too well. In the meantime, we are able to temporarily forget about the distance when we have a visit with our loved one.

Let’s see what advice and experiences these real long-distance bloggers have to share with us about having a visit with the one you love.

alicia“My favorite thing about our visits would have to be the way we are together. We are literally so weird. I have no way to describe it. It’s so insane how weird we are together. We always get these weird looks from others when we’re out and about and doing our thing. I also just have this sense of safety when he’s around. It is so comforting. I don’t care where we are or what’s going on when he’s around. I just know that he’s there, and that’s all that matters. I also get this feeling of love when he’s around.”

Alicia tells us what it’s like to be a tourist visiting your S/O in another city.

khaira“Do some research on the period you are visiting the country. Check out if there is a festival or a national event happening. These events will hike up prices for tourists and the places you want to visit might be full of tourists, making it very unpleasant to visit. Also, check out for weather time! You don’t want to visit when it’s pouring rain, or having unpredictable weather.”

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ldrbn_jane“It was a moment both Jane and I had been impatiently waiting on for a long time! We were both super shy and all we managed was an awkward “hey” and a quick hug. Ahh, the memories!

But as awkward as it was, or should I say, as it was supposed to be, it was an amazing moment too. We finally got to be physically together, something we’d wanted for just over a year. The feeling was nothing short of electrifying and butterflies. Some butterflies might’ve been electrocuted but that’s the risk they take. And I can let them know, their sacrifice was worth it!”

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ldrbn_taylorOur last visit just two days ago. Pedro came here and on his way back home all I felt was emptiness. Coming home and not seeing him here was extremely difficult. For some reason I always think that we are going to be miserable while apart, which isn’t at all true.

Of course, we will cry sometimes and we will be happier together in person; but that does not mean we are unhappy while apart. This is something I have to tell myself after every visit we have. So I thought instead of making a list of why it sucks to be apart, I would make a list of all the reasons it is great to be together:”

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There’s nothing like the feeling of being reunited with your loved one after being separated for so long. We always want to make the most of our visits, so reading about the visits of other long distance couples can give us inspiration and ideas that we can use to make our own lasting memories.

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