20 couples who succesfully closed the distanceClosing the distance is a monumental achievement for anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship! Its the end goal for each and everyone one of us, after all who really intends to be in a long distance relationship forever? Hopefully not you!

While the statistics may hint otherwise, many long distance couples have successfully closed the distance after years or months of being apart from each other. What’s even better is that some of these couples have taken the time to tell their wonderful stories to world!

Long distance success stories are far and few to find, so we’ve collected 20 long distance success stories for anyone who wants that extra encouragement that long distance relationships CAN end with happy endings!

So without further ado, here are the stories of 25 couples who successfully closed the distance:

1. Richard & Kristen

After 2 years of Long Distance, we closed the distance on October 14th, 2013. Kristen moved from Canada to England with her cat Dexter.We have settled in nicely and are now about to move into their first house together! We have sent out all of our wedding invitations and the date is officially November 14th for our Wedding and the 15th for our Reception Dinner! We were married on November 14th 2014 in front of our close friends and family as we bound ourselves to each other for better and for worse.  [full story]

2. Maria & David

We were in a long distance relationship. Every morning I awoke to his text messages and wore my earpiece for hours talking to him while running errands, watching television or cleaning the house. Within weeks into our courtship I knew he was ‘the one’.

Our union was created from a belief – and we exist today because of that faith. It’s not easy to choose love daily, when you want to choose resentment, anger or annoyance. I admittedly have chosen all of those in our past altercations, but at the end of my lifetime, I’m glad I chose him. [full story]

3. Jeanine & Joe

I traveled solo for 5 weeks across England, Spain and Italy. On the very first day of my trip, I met a certain British Boy. I do believe it was love at first sight. We were in a long distance relationship for 3 years, traveling back and forth and in-between.

It was hard and expensive as well as adventurous and exciting. But it couldn’t last forever (thank God).
He proposed in November 2011 and we were married a month later in Lake Placid, NY. I now live in London with my husband and I never thought I would ever utter such words, which means that you never know where life will take you. [full story]

4. Ronke & Wale

On that beautiful day in April 2010, we got married. As we both think back, we are both glad it wasn’t sooner. We both think it happened at the right time. If I could change anything, I don’t think I would.
It was a long and difficult time but I grew stronger and more matured in that length of time. My husband values me more and confesses he can’t believe the good fortune he has of having me as his wife. What better complement could one ask for! [full story]

5. Grace & Ryosuke

Ryosuke and I only dated for about 5 months before he moved back to Japan. We met the first day of my Sophomore year of College, during his one-year study abroad at Ursinus College (from Akita International University in Japan).
We stared off as friends, before graduating to “best friends,” and then “lovers.” We did this for 15 months – getting engaged half-way through. Then I moved back to America to finish up my degree. I graduated, we got married, and now we live in Tokyo. [full story]

6. Holly & L

Anyone to have experienced this level of hand holding and then to have had it taken away through circumstances, such as the long distance relationship, will understand what I mean. When I left L and went back to London, my own hands felt too small to each other, as I held them together on the flight home. It didn’t feel right not to have his hand to hold. I knew I would wait for a day that I could always hold his hand.And now, I get to hold his hand whenever I want and it makes me so happy. [full story]

7. Belinda & Neal

Neal and I from the day that we met in September 2010 to when we were married on May 26, 2012 were in a long distance relationship spanning 5,000 miles. Yeah, that’s pretty long distance. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t pretty, but you know what sometimes you have to make lemontini’s from lemons. [full story]

8. Helena & Mario

Rewind to April of 2007, one of the most memorable days of my life, the day I met the love of my life… This day started off as any other, I was a 15 year old girl, still at school and not knowing what to do with my life. I was bored, as most teenagers are, so I decided to join an online avatar chat website.

Fast forward to September 2009, the most important year of our lives, we finally got to be together! Our lives changed so much within those two years, they are still changing now. We have now been together, in total, 6 years, married for 9 months. [full story]

9. Danielle & Brad

Being in a long-distance relationship wasn’t easy for Danielle and Brad. Danielle said making a plan with Brad as to how long their relationship would be long-distance before she moved to Sacramento made living so far away from Brad easier.
After a year and a half, Brad moved to Sacramento to be closer to Danielle. Actually, they’re now living only 3.5 miles apart. Closing the distance on their long-distance relationship has been so positive that the couple is talking about getting engaged. [full story]

10. Carmen & Husband

To give you something of a timeline of everything that’s happened so far: We met in June, started dating in August and dated long distance for the next nine months. During that time, we had our share of ups and downs, but through it all, we became more convinced—even after less than a year—that we wanted to be together. Like, get married. It’s thrilling now to look back on all that’s happened between us and to see how the Lord wrote and directed this love story of ours from the very beginning.. [full story]

11. Nennah & Peter

My name is Nennah. I am 20 years old, graduated vet tech and living in Denmark after being in an LDR between Denmark and the Netherlands for 1,5 years. I am engaged to Peter, he’s the sweetest man alive. We closed the distance on July 11th 2014! Finally home after being separated by 393 miles [full story]

12. Kristy & Jesse

I’m Kristy, twenty-two, a coeliac and married to my very own Southern Gentleman. We’ve gone from 10,000 miles apart to right beside one another – finally home in Australia together. Let me first tell you something, it wasn’t easy. In fact, we’ve joked about banning our future children from long distance relationships because we know how hard they are – but we also know how worth it they can be. [full story]

13. Tomi & Korede

The son of a pastor, Korede, then 17, met Tomi, now a makeup artist when she was visiting the US from the UK, and attended his dad’s church one fateful Sunday. Years of Facebook messages, Skype conversations and What’s app conversations led to their 2 year relationship, and now a wedding scheduled for next year.

In the 2 years I have learned so much about myself, it has not been an easy journey, because not only are we in different countries, but he is also 5 hours behind time, so I’d always have to wait up. I am grateful to God that he was definitely thinking about me when he made Korede. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. [full story]

14. Victoria & Henry

Whoever said that long-distance relationships are hard to maintain and last has it all wrong. True, the fact that he/she is beyond miles away, maybe in a different time zone, maybe in a different country, or maybe speaking a different language is hard for us to accept. We feel as if we lose a sense of belonging and intimacy that a short-distance relationship enables us to have. But it has been proven by many, specifically Victoria and Henry, that distance is merely a small glitch in the road that can be overcome by the might power of — you guessed it – love. [full story]

15. Sarah & JB

We are living in Switzerland and my husbands job only requires a few hours a day of him. So now we spend all the time together and I love it because we are each others best friends and we adore adventures. especially ones together! I love it all. Being able to wake up and have our coffee together, long dinners, cooking for him, and well just doing almost everything together. I can’t get enough! [full story]

16. Heather & Cornelius

My now husband and I were long distance for 1 year and 7 months before we got married. My now hubby lived in Atlanta and I lived in New York when we started courting. Due to his job, we were able to see each other on average of twice a month. If I can be totally transparent, being long distance made me love & appreciate my now husband even more because I remember those days where I had to get back on a plane and go back to New York. Now, I get to see him daily! [full story]

17. Cassy & Josh

A story of long distance love and shows that in the end love conquers all! The super cute couple are Cassy and Josh who were married on 12th June at Showalters Estate in Olympia, Washington.
We knew that our time together needed to be cherished and we made the most of it. I don’t think we could have been prepared for the long distance relationship that was soon to be in front of us, but the love we have for each other was and is what continues to get us through each and every day. [full story]

18. Camille & Joseph

Joe and Camille exchanged only a few words throughout their entire four years at Long Beach Poly High. It was until a graduation party in 2006, that they finally got each other’s attention. They shared a summer of romance before Camille left for Harvard and Joe stayed in California to attend Cal Poly Pomona. During the next four years, Joe and Camille maintained a long distance relationship, visiting one another as often as possible. [full story]

19. Jenni & Matthew

Matthew and I continued a long distance relationship. We would see each other every 3-5 weeks on average, he flying down to San Antonio where I lived at the time, or me flying up to Huntington Beach, California where he lived at the time.
In June of that same year, we took yet another trip, but this time to Maui, Hawaii. Mind you, we had only been dating four and half months at this point, but I had a feeling a proposal was imminent. [full story]

20. Tanu & Anand

Whilst it isn’t unusual for modern marriages to take place across continents, this story is quite unique. This story is about Tanushree Malaviya and her husband Anand. And, here Tanu is sharing her beautiful love story and wedding journey with us. Despite the obvious limitation of the distance (very long, far and other side of the world distance).. Anand proposed to me in Australia whilst visiting my favourite holiday destination, Denmark, a tiny town nestled in the Australian bush land on the Southern coastline of Western Australia. [full story]

Reading long distance success stories is one great way to give yourself a little pep talk. They remind us that long distance relationships can and have succeeded. If you stick it out and work hard to make your long distance relationship the best it can be, you too will be one of these couples who successfully closed the distance.

Have you a long distance success story like the ones listed above? We’d absolutely love to hear it! You can comment below with your story, or a link to the page where your success story resides.

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