Even the youngest of children can experience the thrill of a long distance relationship. In an age where grandparents, aunts and cousins may live worlds away, children are active players in the game of staying close and connected to the people they care about.

However, while most children can use skype reasonably well with the help of an adult, it can be painfully hard to keep the youngest of this group focused on the conversation.

As much as we know that they miss mom or dad who are far away, kids have short attention spans and after the initial thrill of seeing that special person, some kids may start to lose interest or seem puzzled by the prospect of continuing a conversation with someone via webcam instead of in person.

Thankfully for us, a few select companies have thought of this and invented some crazy wonderful ways to take the concept of video-chatting with children and morphed it into something a millions times more fun and engaging for the little ones that count!

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1. Quality Time Lab

Quality time is a colorful app that makes skyping so much more fun for your little ones! Its available as a pc download or as iOS and android apps.

It offers tons and tons of features! So many that we probably can’t even cover them all. Some of our favorite features are: the ability to have a virtual tea party with your daughter, play a rousing game of chess with your grandson, read stories together and draw together all while talking seamlessly via video chat.

2. Tellybean

Tellybean is life size video calling using the big screen of your TV. For young children who may not be so keen on peering into the small screen of a laptop or desktop computer, this tool will certainly grab their attention and help keep them focused!

The Tellybean service is available either preinstalled or for download through Google Play on your Android TV or Android TV set-top box. Because of the large size of most tv screens, it can be used to video chat with a group of people all at the same time and makes interacting from afar so much easier.

3. Skypito

Skypito allows kids to feel independent in their communications while parents have peace-of-mind about child’s safety and well-being when communicating via video chat.

Skypito offers a very large collection of games for kids to play with family members and friends. It’s free to download and use as an accompanying app with Skype!

Do you know of any other kid-friendly video chat tools that should be on this list? We’d love it if you shared them in the comments below!