Do you know any websites similar to We do! Check them out in the list below:

nowrelax is a soothing relaxation set by water locations that you can choose. Mountain waterfalls, a pond in a city, the beach and many more await you at

listeningto is a website that allows you to listen to all kinds of different radio dispatches to the sound of ambient music. You can listen to police, ambulance and other radio signals city by city or all over the world!



Noisli allows you to make your perfect ambient noise collection. You can make your own perfect relaxation sound destination. You could make a dry summer night by a bonfire with a breeze or a stormy night inside!

Dropsound allows you choose from several different setting to relax to. You could unwind in a coffee shop or by the ocean side or even get lost in a forest! If those aren’t your thing, Dropsound also has an option for you to listen to the relaxing hums under the binaural setting.


Music for Programming

Musicforprogramming has a list of almost 30 different tracks, all about an hour long, that will take you on a mental journey to relaxation. Perfect to have on in the background while you do whatever it is you do.



With Hatnote you can listen to the sound of change. The change of different wikipedia articles produced different sounds depending on if things are added or subtracted and the sizes of those edits. Even people joining wikipedia for the first time are making a music piece unknown to themselves. Set to a peaceful hum, one could easily find themselves listening to this for hours.



Rain.nx37 puts you out in a rainy field with Chell from the popular game series Portal, along with her trusty Companion Cube you can listen to a relaxing song in the rain.



Songza has a collection of hundred if not thousands of different songs under different categories to go perfectly with what you’re feeling. If it’s monday and you need something happy and up-beat then they have you covered. If you want something calm and soothing for the rainstorm, look no further. They have you covered for whatever you are in the mood to listen to.

Nature Sounds

Naturesounds does everything to put you in the perfect relaxation zone without the hassle of a plane ticket. If you want to sit on the beach and listen to the ocean you can plant your virtual toes in the sand with the wonderful back ground and ocean track. You can listen and watch the storm roll in at a canyon or even sit in a backyard with the birds and more, check it out!


Cat Purr Generator

The cat purr noise generator does exactly what you would think it does. If you are at work or away from your little furballs then you can use this website to simulate the soft and calming purr. Combined with a rain track this could put anyone at ease.

Heavy Metal Television

Heavy Metal Television is as it’s name would imply, an internet T.V. channel that shows the old MTV style videos of classic heavy metal bands. Perfect for the rocker out there.


The Nicest Place On The Internet

The nicest place on the internet is perfect for when you are having a rough day. If you ever need a hug,turn here for a smile and turn that frown upside down! You can even upload a recording of your own hug to help the website grown and potentially make someone else’s day.


Piano and Rain

Here you can combine two soothing sounds into one masterpiece of comfort. With Piano and Rain you have a 24 hour 7 days a week stream of relaxation whenever you need it.


Piano and Waves

Brought to you by the same people who brought the rain, Piano and Waves drags the piano out to the beach and allows you to hear the crashing waves and calming piano. Complete with a beautiful backdrop and everything.


Solo Piano

Solo piano radio brings you seemingly endless amounts of beautiful songs perfect to set on loop for endless hours while you calm down form the day.


Endless Storm

Endless storm displays a window to the perfectly calm and slow storm that drives out the stress in you, complete with rumbling thunder.


Sound Scaper

Soundscaper lets you be in charge of the resonating sounds to soothe you. You can around four different blocks to arrange the character,movement,space, and harmony of the ambiance.

What are your favorite ambient websites?