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Every one likes looking good. In this article, we will help you look your best for your next webcam session! ( We’ll leave you in charge of make up duty. )

It’s important to note that every situation is indeed different and there might be times that you will be unable to use every single recommendation in this article. Try to use as many as you can or until you get it just perfect!

1. Use Proper Lighting

We all know by now that lighting is important, by now a lot of us have figured that out in one way or another. One thing we don’t think about though, is the placement of lighting.

Placing the light source behind you hinders the vision of the other party. While it will make you be able to see them easier, you aren’t going to be showing up well at all. Instead, try having the light source pointed in your direction. Don’t put it right in your face, but it is important that you are somewhat illuminated.

2. Eliminate Distractions

It’s also important to remember that you are part of the show here, not whatever is going on in the background! Make sure there isn’t anything funky going on behind you and your surroundings are clear of distractions. You will also want to find a calm place to video chat in the first place. These suggestions might be tricky to deal with if you live in a dorm or with multiple people. Speaking of multiple people, that brings us to . . .

 3.  Make good use of your internet connection

A direct connection to the internet is preferred. Wifi can be incredibly useful in most situations but this is one instance where it can actually slow everything down.

If you live with other people, it is advised you request them to ease up on the internet for a while. Video chat takes a bit of effort on the internet’s part and it needs as much slack as you can afford to give it.

With all this running around to other people, organizing the backdrop of your location, and moving light sources, it may be difficult to remember that you’re the star of the show for the other party!

4. Keep your body centered

Avoid placing yourself in the corners of sides of the video ( As shy as you may be. ) and sit up straight! Present yourself to the camera and let your presence be known! Also, don’t sit to close to the camera! We know you’re beautiful but we want to be able to actually see you and not the blurry (kind scary)  up-close face that the webcam will give us if you’re sitting way too close.

 5. Turn off unnecessary programs

This is often overlooked. While you may not be doing anything with your computer, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on inside. It is important to turn off programs (even browsers! ) that you aren’t using.

You can restart your computer to make sure that none of the other programs you may have been using earlier are truly turned off and then all you have to do is work up the courage to hit ‘ Call ‘ !

I hope these tips help you look your best when video chatting with your partner!