Many people underestimate the flexibility that talking on the phone can give you. There are no doors to open, no fancy dresses to wear, you don’t have to worry about how you look or how they look, how much you should spend, or anything like that. A telephone conversation is pure concentration on the other person, the sound of their voice and the thoughts they are conveying to you.

Activities that you participate in over the phone together grant you the same luxury. All you have to concentrate on is bonding with that special person and having a good time together. The activities we have provided in this article can make you feel closer and keep the two of you feeling like the wonderful couple that you are –with just your telephone.

1. Conversation Cubes

When conversation becomes slow, whip out your trustee conversation cubes! These can be homemade. You can make as many as you want.

Place random conversation topics on each side, and toss them around to see what your topic for the day is. Try movies, TV shows, previous conversations, music, something random, etc.

2. Watch a Movie together

Watch a movie together while on the phone. Make it a new release or an older movie neither of you has ever seen before. Rent it together or watch it online.  For a fun twist, try a silent film! Take a role and read off the written parts in a voice you imagine the actor/actress who is ‘speaking’ to have.

Rent a foreign film and mute it, trying to improvise the dialogue. Or don’t mute it, and see if you can figure out what’s going despite the language barrier (and possible lack of subtitles.”

3. Trivia Night

Use trivia about celebrities, places or things to try to stump one another. Invent your own trivia cards about yourself, and see if your other half can guess the answers correctly.

4. Sing a duet

Love to sing? Do you have a favorite song or a couple’s song? Sing to each other over the phone. Sing together at the same time. Be as romantic or silly as you want. Try to be fearless, even if you aren’t the best singer.

5. Crossword puzzle swap/race

Print out a crossword puzzle from online or purchase a puzzle book from a local store. It can be the exact same puzzle, or two different puzzles that have the same amount of words to be found.

Race and see who can complete the puzzle first. Compile photo evidence and text it to one another.

6. Watch the skies

Look at the moon or stars together while having a romantic conversation on the phone. Is there a meteor shower in the forecast? Take some time out to watch it together, if possible.

Wake up early and catch a sunrise together, or stay up late to watch the sunset. On a rainy day, sit by your separate windows and watch the rain together.

7. mpersonations

Would either of you happen to be a comedian? Try some silly impersonations. You might be surprised at how good (or how awful) you both are.

Impersonate someone from a movie you’re sure your loved one has seen and have them try to guess what movie the character is from, or who the character is –without any hints!

8. Bedtime Stories

Pick a book and schedule a time to read ‘bedtime stories’ to one another before you drift off to sleep. You can take turns reading paragraphs, or you can alternate days.

9. Love Notes

Throughout the day, write cute little notes to each other or whatever pops into your head. Include where you are and the time when you wrote the note.

The next time you have a telephone conversation, read your notes to one another and explain why you decided to write what you wrote, and when you wrote it. This can also be done across days, weeks or months.

10. Ice cream date

Take a walk over to your nearest ice cream parlor and share a deliciously ice cream filled telephone date. Try new flavors you both may never have before. Order your loved one’s favorite ice cream, and have them order yours. Choose the same flavor and see how you both like it.

11. Meaningful Conversation

Tell each other how much you love one another. Try to think of something for every letter in the alphabet. Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears.

Make a list of reasons stating why you love each other, together. Try to reach 100 reasons. Remember your dreams and tell one another about them. List your loved one’s best qualities in alphabetical order.

12. Cook/Have Dinner Together

Have a dinner date over the phone. Order pizza or Chinese or cook together and share the whole experience together. Use speakerphone to keep your hands free and make chatting together easier.

13. Leave a Message

Call your other half at a time when you’re positive they won’t be able to answer. Leave a sweet or romantic message on their voice-mail.

14. Fall asleep

Talk until you can’t anymore and fall asleep on the phone together.

15. Poetry Readings

If you are both artistically inclined, have a mini poetry reading. Share your library of poems and read them to one another. Rent poetry books from a library and read those together. Pick your favorites.

16. Learn Something

Learn to do something together. Try learning a new language, or a new way of doing something. Take a class together, or take the same class (in different locations) and come together over the phone to study.”

17. Picnic in the Park

Pick a beautiful day to relax at the park. Take a walk, while talking together. Have a little telephone picnic. Describe your surroundings to one another and talk about the next time you can have a real picnic together.

18. Close Up

This activity works best for couples who have texting and media capabilities. Take really close up pictures of items you have around you. Try to make sure the object is still distinguishable from just a blob of color. Take turns sending the photos to one another and seeing if either of you can guess what the object really is.

19. Mystery sound

This activity also works best for couples who have texting and media capabilities. Record small 5 second snippets of random sounds or songs and send them to one another. See if either of you can guess the source of the sound, or what the sound really is.