“A grownup is a child with layers on.” -Woody Harrelson

We can fall in love with someone intellectually, emotionally and physically. When we’re committed to someone we want to love them in every way possible and we’re always looking for new ways to strengthen our bond. We seek out new ways to love them and experience intimacy with them.

By now, you probably already know the importance of being vulnerable with your partner. However, there are so many ways that we can open ourselves up to our significant other that will draw us closer. One way that many people overlook is through the inner child.

So today, we’re going to let you in on the secret of how to let your inner child fall in love with your long distance significant other. So, here are 5 ways:

Share Childhood Memories

memoriesUnderneath our grownup layers are the childhood memories that make us who we are. The sweet memories that we hold inside our hearts are something we may forget about consciously. Talk to your significant other about your favorite childhood memories.

Start with a couple of questions like: What’s your favorite childhood memory? Did you have a favorite stuffed animal or toy that you were obsessed with? Did you have a family tradition that you loved? Questions like this will get the ball rolling and you may find that you wind up spending hours exchanging childhood memories.

Whether it’s a favorite toy, a security blanket that we couldn’t sleep without, or a favorite spot under the tree in the garden, we all have things that we cherish from our childhood. Memories close to our heart that we don’t share with everyone.

Remember that your partner is the one person you can share everything with, so don’t be embarrassed or feel that a story is too silly or insignificant to tell. The key to letting your inner child fall in love with your significant other is to be open and trusting of them, the way you would’ve been with them if you had known each other as children.


Eat Your Favorite Childhood Treats With Them

This one may sound a little silly, but hey isn’t that what being childish is all about? Thanks to Skype and other programs, you can experience eating together in real time. Whether it’s Fruity Pebbles, Ring Pops or Pop Tarts, share the childhood treats you loved growing up with each other. This will likely bring up even more good memories and you may find that you both have a few more fun stories to tell each other.


Use Your Imagination Together

imaginationSpeaking of stories, you can unleash your inner child by using your imagination. Writing a story together is a great way to use your imagination together. What if you don’t exactly have time to write a novel? Go for bedtime stories. Occasionally take turns telling each other bedtime stories. Just make up something on the fly and try be as fantastical as possible. It can be any kind of story you want. Anything can happen. There are no rules except one: Use your imagination.

Alternately, if making up a story together really isn’t your thing, try imagining something together.
For example, if your partner complains about it being a boring, cold and rainy day, imagine together that it’s a sunny day at the beach. What would you do together? Have a picnic? Would you let them bury you in the sand? Would you build a sandcastle together? Or maybe get ambitious and try to build a sandman?


Talk About Your Childhood Dreams

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What did you think you would be like as an adult? What did you want to accomplish more than anything? Whether it was being an astronaut or beating level 20 on your favorite game, tell your partner what was important to when you were younger and what your childish ambitions were.

Compare them your adult ambitions and share the stories behind those childhood dreams. Childhood dreams are precious to us and sharing them with your significant other will give them a part of you that no one else knows about.



gameYou can’t let your significant other into the world of your inner child without fun and games. There are many online games that you can play together. And if you don’t feel like playing you can talk about the games that you loved as a child. (Anyone else remember Hungry Hippo?) Which game did you love playing? Were you a sore loser? Share your favorite childhood games with each other.

Another fun way to indulge your inner child is to fill out a few online quizzes with your significant other. Quizzes like: “What Kind of Fruit are You?” They’ll let you both be silly together. Just don’t take them too seriously now, no need to rename yourself “Grape”, because of an online quiz.


Be Youthful and Fun

You have to be an adult when you go to work, to the store, and really everywhere. But love is an oasis in a draining desert of responsibilities. If you let your inner child fall in love with your significant other, you’ll feel to closer them as you learn to love each other in a new way. So enjoy doing a few childish activities together every so often. You may learn a thing or two about your partner and have fun along the way.