Have you ever heard the adage “Out of sight, out of mind?” To put it simply, when something isn’t smack dab in your face, you’re more prone to forget about it! A lot of times this can be a good thing (for example, your worst enemy!) but sometimes its even better to keep certain things constantly in view to help you focus on something important.

That’s probably why wall posters and word photo prints are so popular! They keep warm happy thoughts in view every single day, making our lives so much more productive, inspiring and joyful!

ldriphonewallpapersFor a similar reason, we’ve created these 6 free LDR Quote iPhone wallpapers so that you and your partner can keep a positive outlook on your long distance relationship every single day.

You’re probably tied down to your phone texting and calling one another anyway!

Why not use the time spent buried into your phone screen to boost your morale with these 6 LDR quotes that will make you feel like your relationship is only a screen swipe away from success!

Download below!

Love Conquers Distance Wallpaper

Distance is Just A Test Wallpaper

Money Cant Buy Happiness Wallpaper

No Distance Too Far Wallpaper

He’s Worth It Wallpaper

She’s Worth It Wallpaper

TIP: The easiest way to download these would be directly from your iPhone.

1. On your iPhone, open up your browser and navigate to this page.

2. Choose the wallpaper you wish to download by clicking on the download link. Once the image displays on your screen, press down on the image until a menu pops up and then click ‘Save Image”.

3. Open the “Photos” app and go into “Camera Roll”. Select the wallpaper that you would like to use. Press the arrow button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and a menu should appear. Select “Use as Wallpaper”. Done!

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