I’d first like to say that while you don’t have to do these things with vigilance, you still do have to do them to an extent.These are things that should be taken care of, but you will definitely have a bit more free reign over these things if you’re in a long distance relationship.

1. Not having to shave!

In a long distance relationship this means that you won’t have to shave every morning. I’m not saying to just give up shaving and look like a caveman. It’s important to keep yourself looking good but you won’t have to keep your beard and ‘stache under control at all times. Granted, if your girlfriend is into the husky man-beard thing then this is irrelevant.

2. You don’t have to balance time between your girlfriend and other friends

This is sometimes a larger problem once you two close the distance. Friends will often become possessive or your girlfriend might, thus leading to confrontation.

While you two are apart, you can hang out with your friends for as long as want whenever you want. There should always be a balance between your girlfriend and your friends, but while you’re both apart your friends can have you all to themselves.

3. You don’t have to dress up every-time you go out.

Don’t go out looking like you climbed out of a dumpster, but when you’re living together and apart at the same time you do have more freedom over your outerwear than you would when you are dressing to impress.

Even when you are with your loved one, you usually don’t have to don a suit but you do have some responsibility to look good. When you’re far apart, this isn’t always necessary.

4. Over politeness isn’t as needed.

Open and hold the door, pull out her chair for her, bend over backwards, ect, ect. You don’t catch a break do you? Well this, again, isn’t encouraging you to be a total jerk to everyone while you’re out -but at least while you’re far apart you won’t have to do this all the time! (Unless you want to!)

5. More free time!

In this time period you will have more time to do what YOU want to do and for the most part it will be like that until the two of you are together. Tf you happen to want to do what your signifigant other wants to do anyway, that’s more of a bonus.

6. Date night has never been easier!

When date night rolls around, you don’t have to do anything more than relax comfortably in your own home with the one you love. You can easily enjoy a large percentage of the things you would normally expect to do out on the town right at home. It really is a wonder of all the things you can do on the internet. The best part about long distance dates? You don’t (usually) have to pay the check!