If there’s anything I’ve learned from being in a college LDR it’s that there are plenty of obstacles. That being said, there are also plenty of ways to make a college LDR thrive and succeed. Here are six crucial tips to keeping the love alive from university to university.

  1. Tune Out The Naysayers (because, boy, will there be a lot of them)

Almost everyone’s first reaction to college LDRs falls somewhere along the lines of “are you crazy?” or “that’s never going to last!” Your job? Ignore them all. It can be hard to push through when so many people have a different point of view on things, but remember this: don’t sacrifice something that makes you happy just because other people may disagree. From personal experience, being in a relationship in college is just as great as being single (if not better). As Taylor Swift would say, haters gonna hate.

  1. You’re Not Alone

Along with the many doubters, you’ll also meet a lot of other people with long distance SOs in college. Befriend these people! You’ll find you have a lot in common, and it helps to have someone to vent to who truly understands what you’re going through. And even if you’re not very close to another person in an LDR, look to the Internet. LDR Tumblr blogs may be just the thing to help you through a rough day of missing your SO.

  1. Have Trust

It can be hard not knowing what your SO is up to 24/7, especially when he or she is surrounded by other college kids. But trust your SO. Let me say that one more time. Trust your SO. This person has chosen to be with you, regardless of the distance. It can be tough at times, but have faith in your bond and try not to stress over one night where your SO may not have texted you goodnight.

  1. Earn Trust

Temptation is everywhere in college. And for every party you go to, your SO is just as worried about you as you are about him or her. Avoid any situation that you wouldn’t want to see your SO in. It can be easy to get swept up in the moment, but is flirting with another person, for example, really worth risking your relationship for? If you’re doing something that you’re going to keep secret from your SO, you should take a step back and rethink. Be open, be honest and always keep your SO in the loop.

  1. Make Time

Communication is crucial in college LDRs. So many things change in such a short period of time; it’s important to keep each other caught up. With Snapchat and iMessage, this is easier than ever, but try to call or Skype regularly. Nothing beats the sound of your SO’s voice, and no detail is too small to be shared. I’m sure your SO would love to hear about the weird pizza in the dining hall or the time you saw a raccoon while on your run.

  1. Live It Up

The one upside to being in a college LDR, I must admit, is that you really get a chance to find yourself. You will learn how to be independent and how to be happy without relying on someone else. And just because you have a SO does not mean you can’t go to parties, meet new people and have an amazing time in college. So live it up, love it up and let love live. And remember, every day is another day closer to when you and your SO are together again.