So when you’re practically a thousand miles apart, bored and counting the moments till you’re together again, you need a hobby. And not a hobby that you have for yourself, but something that both of you could do.

In more ways than one, hobbies can bring the both of you together, even when you do it separately. And with the world practically filled with things to do, here are some hobbies you could learn or try with your loved one.

  • There’s always Netflix.

    How about a movie date? You could spend hours just watching a movie together at the same time! Both of you could call each other during the movie, commentating, laughing or screaming. It’s a great way to bond, plus it helps you discover more about the person, like what genre of movie they like to watch. And when the movie is over you have something to talk about, or you could plan to watch the sequel together in person.

  • Online gaming.

    This doesn’t always equal to hard core gaming. With the internet developing board games to be played online, you could play a lot of games at the same time with your loved one. All is fair in love and war, so get your gamer mode on! Be competitive if you wish, but remember it’s all a game. This way you could learn more about them, their strategic ways, and maybe learn that if they truly love you, they would let you win. *wink!

  • The book club.

    If both of you are up for it, try making a book club for two. You could read different books, and then you could share what you thought about it. You could end up having healthy debates between favorite authors, characters and such. Plus you’re giving your brain a little exercise. It’s a win-win.

  • Questionnaire freaks.

    There are a lot of online questionnaires that you could easily print or directly answer. These are very fun and informative, and not only informative to your partner but as well for yourself. You can discover more things about each other, and you can compare answers when you’re through.

  • Arts and crafts.

    Why not try to expand your artistic minds? Both of you could try origami, painting, and other things that you could send to each other when you’re done. It could help to make your creative juices going, plus you can personalize it whichever way you choose. It’s an instant gift to send to them even with no occasion, bringing the two together by thoughtfulness and surprises with your own personal touch. It would be like sending a part of you a million miles away.

  • Blog lovers.

    Why not share your love story with the world? A lot of couples nowadays have a shared blog, so why not be part of it? You could post about your day, about you sweet moments and could even give advice to some couples who are just like you. Plus it would bring you closer, reading the very thoughts of your partner. It would be something eternal that both of you will share, because once its part of the internet, it’s there forever.

Either way, you can bond with you loved one even from miles away. There are a lot of activities you could do online or offline, and it all depends on how creative the two of you are in making ways to feel closer to one another.