You need your smartphone, especially when it comes to keeping in touch with your long distance love. Long distance couples HAVE to use their smartphones more than basically anyone. As much as we text, video chat and call each other just to keep that feeling of closeness, it would be surprising if we weren’t the heaviest smartphone and tablet users around.

Considering how much we use our devices, that also means that we have to tug around a huge assortment of accessories too. Gone are the days when you just carried a phone (or a beeper, omg) to keep in touch.

Now we’ve got portable communication studios that we carry around, all with their respective helpers: lights to keep your face on point during video chats, stands to keep your device upright when you’re using it, keyboards so you can actually carry a conversation without lugging around a huge tablet and chargers so you never lose power while trying to keep that spark going.

Thankfully Doug and Chris, a seriously brilliant duo, have decided to minimize the bulk of at least one of these items so that we can charge our phones seamlessly and without all the bulk. Meet The Nipper, the world’s smallest device charger!


We totally love the nipper, mostly because of how small and compact it is. It’s a device charging unit that is so small, it can fit on your keychain. No more taking up precious bag space (or pocket space for you guys) and no more needing to be tethered to your car to charge through that little USB port when you’re out and about or on the go.


The nipper doesn’t require any pre-charging at all. The best part about this little device is the way it expands and allows you to put in batteries to charge your device. It can charge anything from the smallest tablet to the largest device and give it up to 58% more power (or 18 days of standby time -woah!)


This little charger can even be customized with your name on the silicone band which makes this an amazingly cool gift for your tech obsessed bestie. The REALLY great part is that the Nipper is super affordable, starting at just over $17 USD to purchase. You can pre-order this awesome little gadget right now and have it shipped anywhere in the world!