So, you’re becoming kinda serious and you’re thinking of meeting, which is a great direction to be heading in! Congrats! However, we must kinda warn you, everything that you guys do and say online will be a bit different to how it’ll be when you meet for the first time in person.

Let’s be honest, even though you’ll profusely proclaim how it ‘won’t awkward when you meet for the first time’ chances are, it will be awkward. Think about, you’re meeting someone that you’ve never physically met before, but you already have that deep emotional bond, so your heart and body will have very different reactions when you see them in ‘Arrivals’. Your hearts gonna want to pounce on them, but your body’s going to be a bit ‘woah there tiger, lemmie check this out first.’

So what is the reality VS expectations? Let’s have a look…

> Their physical appearance.

Come on, we’ve all been guilty of using a filter or two, or even cropping away the ‘bad bits’ and sometimes lighting helps an awful lot in bringing out the best side of us. So don’t be surprised if your partner does the same. Sometimes, height will be perceived a bit differently in pictures, it’s very different to when they’re standing in front of you.

Maybe they have a few more habits than they remembered to tell you, maybe they bounce a little when they’re really excited, the list is endless! Whether we want to admit it or not, physical connections DO matter, and sometimes, they can make or break a relationship and that’s perfectly normal! Remember to give yourself a little time to catch up with your feelings, this is new to you, in a whole different way. Try not to be too nervous, let everything flow and just enjoy each other’s company!

> ‘The first trip will be amazing’

We’re not saying it won’t be, because both our co-founders at ‘Crossing the World’ had memorable first trips, but it’s all about taking time to get use to one another. We understand, yes, you might have been ‘together’ for months or even years, but it’s your first time being in their presence, you have to let yourself have the time to get over the nerves and the overwhelming amount of love and content you’ll feel!

In fact, apart from major sightseeing or other couple-y things you wanna do, spend your time getting to know one another, establish that physical connection as well as maintaining that emotional bond you have already. Sometimes, staying up late to talk about how trees grow is just as exciting as watching the newest blockbuster if it’s with the right person!

> ‘Everyone will love them as much as I do!’

This one really depends on how much of a relationship is established with both sets of parents and friends, if they stay up late just to talk sports with your dad on one day, Martha Stewart with your mom the next, and talking all things ‘Vampire Diaries’/NBA with your besties the rest of the weekend, then they’re going to be a bit excited to meet them.

Although they may have a good online relationship with them, a little time needs to be given when they’re meeting them for the first time, just like you. You need to remember, you know them on a more personal and deeper level than your parents and friends do! Just give everyone their own time to get to know your partner in their own way!

> ‘We’re going to have trips to see each other more often now!’

So the first trip went well, awkwardness disappeared pretty soon, and everyone got comfortable around each other after your mom busted out your baby pics. Now it’s time to start planning the next time you’ll see each other.

You’ll soon realize that the very reasons that made you wait the months/years to meet, will come into play when organizing the second trip. Reasons such as making sure you actually like that person, the emotional connection is there and your ages, other reasons such as money and the distance, will have also the waiting time for the first trip.

We understand that you’re feeling better than ever about your relationship having just met each other, but if you’re serious about your future together, other factors need to come into consideration. Things like: college choices, focusing on graduating, jobs, money and everything else in between. There’s a lot to consider now that you’ve decided that their hairflick or constant need to wear snapbacks, is actually kind of tolerable.