Airtime is a mobile app where friends and couples can chat, share or post videos and get video reactions about those videos from others in real time! Airtime is the only group Facetime app that lets you watch YouTube & listen to music together.

So you can react to the same video without being together, hear the same song without sharing headphones, or just hangout with friends without leaving bed. For those of us who are really missing our s/o, this is a relationship game changer.

Spend time with your friends like you would at school, home, or anywhere in between. Actually have the ability to arrange a true date night (without the cost!) and spend some quality time with your s/o no matter where you are.

What makes Airtime special:

  • Video chat with up to 10 people and have even more in the group chat
  • They’re not a one phone kind of app – blue texts, green texts, we welcome it all
  • See real time reactions to not only YouTube and Soundcloud, but also pics and vids you’ve taken
  • Sometimes you need to spell it out, literally. That’s why you can also text while you’re group video chatting

Airtime is redefining the way social media lives, by skipping the “likes”, and making it “live”. Whether you’re seeing a friend in your city, or making a friend that lives across a sea, you’re doing it now. Bond over a video or a song and get comfortable even when you can’t be close. You and your people are living life in real time that we like to call Airtime.